Who Are Snoh Aalegra’s Parents? Details On The Family And Ethnicity Of The Singer

Who Are Snoh Aalegra’s Parents? Details On The Family And Ethnicity Of The Singer

Snoh Aalegra was born to Persian parents. Her family originates from Iran. 

Snoh Aalegra is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

Who Are Snoh Aalegra’s Parents? The Family And Ethnicity Of The Singer

Snoh Aalegra’s parents are from Iran.

She shares Persian blood. Sadly, their names have not been disclosed. 

Snoh grew up in Enköping, Sweden. She moved there with her mother following her parents’ divorce, and they later moved to Stockholm. 

How Old Is Snoh Aalegra? Age And Height Too

Snoh Aalegra is 33 years old. 

She was born on 13 September 1987.

Who Is Snoh Aalegra’s Husband? 

Snoh Aalegra is not married. 

She was in a rumored relationship with Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan. There were heated discussions about them dating in 2019. 

Michael is one of the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. He was starred in one of Snoh’s music videos. The name of the song was “Whoa.” The video paints a very intimate picture of Snoh and Jordan. 

Though this was only just a rumor, and neither Snoh nor Michael spoke about it in public. 

On Snoh Aalegra’s Net Worth

As per CelebNetWorth’s article on Snoh Aalegra’s earnings, they have estimated her net worth around $8 million. 

This number is not of surprise. If we closely look at her career, this number is not of surprise. 

Just at the age of 13, In 2001, she had signed an artist development deal with Sony Music Sweden. 

Snoh’s Youtube channel makes a yearly income of $19.5K – $312.5K (according to SocialBlade). Aalegra has 310k subscribers on Youtube. 

Snoh Aalegra’s Instagram

On Instagram, search for the username of @snohaalegra, and you will find her account. 

Snoh has a massive fanbase on Instagram; she has got 1.1 million followers. Aalegra has pinned the link to her website in her Instagram bio. 

If you scroll down through her feed, you will realize that Snoh is not just a singer/songwriter but also a model. She uploads aesthetic pictures wearing cool and charming clothes.