SNL: Sarah Squirm Wiki and Age – Comedy and Net Worth

SNL: Sarah Squirm Wiki and Age – Comedy and Net Worth

Sarah Squirm is the new hire for SNL. Squirm will be replacing Beck Bennett. Here’s everything to know about the new cast. 

Sarah Squirm, a popular name in the comedy genre. She hosted the variety show “Helltrap Nightmare”. Known for her weird comedy sketches, Sarah will be an interesting addition to the SNL family. 

Saturday Night will be making its return for Season 47 from this Saturday. As fans get excited to see all their favorite members, it will be a farewell for some members. 

Beck Bennett, along with Cecily Strong and Kate Mckinnon, will be leaving the comedy sketch show. After more than 8 years of entertaining the audience, fans surely will miss the genius writers and performers of the show. 

Sarah Squirm Wikipedia and Age Explored 

Sarah Squirm, real name Sarah Sherman, is a comedian and visual artist based in LA. She has been known for her unconventionality and being part of the traveling show “Helltrap Nightmares”. 



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Originally from Chicago, Sarah’s birthdate and age haven’t been revealed as of yet. The pictures of her on social media and online indicate that she might be in her early 20s. 

Chicago writes on her achievement of being part of SNL as an enthralling experiment. As the show is known for a very narrow and specific concept of comedy. Sarah’s addition of alternative comedy in the comedy sketches will be fascinating to watch. 

Sarah is very active on Instagram and Twitter alike, sharing her jokes, merch, and short videos of her live show. She shares her body-tingling body transformation with her 47.5k followers on the photo-sharing app Instagram. 

Sarah retweeted SNL’s tweet welcoming the new cast members to the show, captioning, “SNL just made a HUGE mistake”. 

Sarah Squirm Comedy Sketches – How did She get into SNL?

Sarah Squirms’ first step towards the journey to being a comedy star hasn’t been known. She has come a long way from performing in traveling shows to live TV. Sarah was awarded as Best Stand-up Comedian by The Chicago Reader in 2016. 

Likewise, according to Zach Freeman, the comedy star, Sarah isn’t shy about throwing in some jokes with verbal imagery and is creative at playing and creating gruesome imagery for comedic relief. 



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As esteemed as SNL is, anyone wouldn’t dare to joke about it. However, a five-foot-6 inch tall comedian posted an audition video playing a series of characters, like Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil, jokingly on her youtube channel. 

Though it started as a joke, Sarah got to be a part of SNL. She and two new members, Aristotle Athari and James Austin Johnson, will be joining the cast. 

Sarah Squirm Net Worth 2021

Sarah Squirm’s net worth hasn’t been known as of yet. However, as an SNL regular and in her standup comedy show, she will gain a large amount of net worth in no time. 


Fans are excited to watch her comedic twist placed in the SNL sketches. Sarah Squirm has been sharing her comedic sketches on her personal YouTube channel with 1.65k subscribers and 27,936 views.