Find Out Where Shandee Blackburns Boyfriend John Peros Is Now, Was He Arrested For Murder?

Find Out Where Shandee Blackburns Boyfriend John Peros Is Now, Was He Arrested For Murder?

John Peros is now living freely in Australia after being acquitted of all the charges in 2017. He was previously arrested for the murder of Shandee Blackburn.

Peros is the ex-boyfriend of Shandee Blackburn. She was walking home after a shift at Harrup Park Country Club, Mackay, Queensland. Blackburn got stabbed 20 times, her throat was slit, and she was left to die in a gutter on February 9, 2013, in Mackay, Queensland.

The Australian podcast Shandee’s Story began investigating the 2013 horrifying murder. Shandee Blackburns often complained about her jealous boyfriend. He got hung up on her past relationships, and they broke up in mid-2011. 

Where Is Shandee Blackburn Boyfriend John Peros Now?

John was initially a suspect in the case. A 12-day trial was held by a Supreme Court jury in 2017, and he maintained his innocence thought-out the inquest. 

After being charged with Shandee Blackburn’s murder, John Peros got acquitted in 2017. 

He was no longer dating Blackburn at the time of her murder. He maintained his innocence despite the medical examiner finding he was most likely the murderer, reports Daily Mail.

Despite being acquitted of any charges in 2017, the coroner found Shandee’s ex-partner, Peros, responsible for her death. He is now living freely, as he was not arrested even after a coroner found him guilty. John is not in jail.

Shandee was 23 years old during her death. The CCTV captured the last sighting of her before the frightening murder.

He previously worked as an amateur boxer and diesel fitter. Peros is not arrested for his wrongdoings.

John Peros Got Arrested For Murder 

Peros was arrested for the brutal murder but was later let go after the jury found him not guilty.

The exclusive arrest video of Shandee’s murderer was released on the Youtube channel of The Australian. 

During a two-week inquest in July 2020, Queensland Central Coroner David O’Connell revealed that John was plausibly responsible. A vehicle similar to Peros’s white Toyota Hilux was spotted near the murder site. Despite the coroner’s findings, he was not arrested and charged because he was already acquitted of murder. 

What Did The Detectives Find In Shandee Blackburn Murder Investigation?

The homicide detective investigated Shandee Balckburn’s murder and suspected her ex-boyfriend, John Peros. They left John alone in a room and played a video on the TV screen at police HQ. 

The detectives arrested and charged him with the armed robbery and murder of Shandee. The hair samples were extracted for forensic analysis. However, a jury found him not guilty in 2017. 

A Coroner found that he was indeed the murderer in 2019. But, Blackburn’s murderer remains free.