Sgt Blake Shimanek – What To Know About Officer Arrested For Puente Family Assault

Sgt Blake Shimanek – What To Know About Officer Arrested For Puente Family Assault

Sgt Blake Shimanek was the officer indicted of oppression and Class A misdemeanor for arresting a father-son duo in 2020. Find the recent proceedings of the legal case.

Blake Shimanek pursued 22 years old Dillon Puente as per a filed Keller Complaint about him taking a wide right turn.

Dillon was up to his grandmother’s house to fix his car’s air conditioning on August 15, 2020.

He was traced by the police parole vehicle and Shimanek asked him to pull over.

The incident quickly escalated off-hand and now the officer has officially been relegated from his post for the immoral assault.

Who is Sgt Blake Shimanek? A Glimpse At The Pepper Spray Incident

Sgt Blake Shimanek is a former Keller Police officer from Texas who was punished for his assault on Dillon Puente and his father.

Blake pursued Dillon’s car as it took a wider right turn in the intersection and filed the report in a daily log.

When he approached the front window of the vehicle, Dillon tried to roll up the windows, which was seen as an insult by the police officer.

Blake then asked Dillon to open the window and questioned his quirky behavior to which Dillon didn’t add much as a response.

Blake then ordered Dillon to get off the vehicle and handcuffed him when Dillon’s father intercepted them from the opposite sidewalk.

Dillon told him that the officer arrested him for rolling up the car windows on them and the father recorded the arrest.

Blake didn’t like this approach and angrily he went for the father and arrested him as well by spraying pepper spray on him.

When the duo was assigned to the police vehicle’s back seat, Dillon’s father cried for help to wipe off the pepper solution from his eyes but none of them were answered by the officers.

Officer Blake Shimanek Arrested For Puente Family Assault

Officer Blake was arrested for the inappropriate attack on the Puente family and the whole Police Department was sued for the assault.

The Keller Depart chief also apologized for the incident and demoted Blake from the instigator position.

The oppression act that Officer Blake conducted without the consent of Puente has been categorized as the Class A misdemeanor by the Texas Jurisdiction Court and viable law.

The officer has been placed for a fine that may add up to $4000 and prison time of up to 1 year.

In February 2021, the Keller Department paid $200k to the duo subjected to the officer’s violent arrest and assault.

Explore Sgt Blake Shimanek On Wikipedia

Sgt Blake Shimanek has not been featured on the official Wikipedia bio page as of yet.

His case was complicated as the police department of Keller looked at the overall camera recordings to tally the initial statement with the actual incident that took place.

Blake lost his position and authority post that legal case filed by the victim Puente family.