Who Is Brandi Marshall? Everything To Know About The Realtor Agent From The Selling Sunset Spinoff

Who Is Brandi Marshall? Everything To Know About The Realtor Agent From The Selling Sunset Spinoff

Brandi Marshall is a realtor and a reality star of the Selling Sunset franchise produced by The Oppenheim Group. 

Brandi Marshall is a prominent name in the world of real estate in California. Setting up people with their dream home, she has been making it big in the TV world. 

As the show gets honest with every season, the audience will get acquainted with a new set of audience and show format in Selling Sunset: Tampa. The show will premiere on December 15, 2021. 

Who is Brandi Marshall? Wikipedia and Age Explored 

Brandi Marshall’s popularity comes primarily from being the star of the Netflix original series, Selling Sunsets. Before the series, her name was already prominent on the West Hollywood side. 

Despite being a known name in TV and real-estate, her Wikipedia page is yet to be listed. As she continues to score it out of the park with her selling talent, we are sure she will soon have a Wikipedia page of her own. 

The young realtor’s age hasn’t been a piece of public knowledge yet. However, we assume that her age is between 40-45 years of age looking at her pictures online. 

Brandi Marshall Net Worth And Husband Details Revealed 

Brandi Marshall’s net worth is yet to be calculated by the officials. However, as a real estate professional for 15 years, it is safe to assume that she has accounted millions to her name. 

Brandi has been able to close many deals as an agent earning her big on commissions as well. 

The reality star is a married woman with one daughter and a son. 

Brandi has been in marital bliss with Sean Marshall for a few years now. The professional basketball player and the real estate agent though belonging to different fields of work, share a loving bond. 

Brandi Marshall won’t be appearing in the Selling Sunset Spin-off, “Selling Sunset: Tampa.” As per digital spy, the new spin-off show was announced after the success of the Netflix original series. 

The program will be focused on women selling houses based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Cast on the program will feature all-Black Female agents on the reality show. 

Disclosing the cast members of the spin-off a teaser was released. The shirt clip also disclosed viewers get to witness the program on December 15, 2021.