Scot Palmer Death Cause, What Happened To The Australian Journalist?

Scot Palmer Death Cause, What Happened To The Australian Journalist?

Legendary Australian Sports Journalist Scot Palmer died aged 84. The death cause is still unknown. Here are the details to know about his career and private life.

Scot Palmer was a notable and absolute icon of Australian sports journalism. His column in the daily newspaper kept readers and the youth generations updated about the sports for more than five decades is no more alive. 

The heartbreaking news came out suddenly in the media, and his fans were astounded by the death news.

Moreover, Scot’s famous tagline, “Keep Punching” is quite famous in the sports world. Recalling his journalism career, Scot is a longtime writer and columnist for The Sun, the Sunday PressSunday Sun, and Sunday Herald Sun. 

Also, he is better known as the presenter of the “Punchlines” segment on Channel 7 on Sundays. In addition to this, he served on HSV7’s Sunday football panel for over two decades.

Australian Journalist Scot Palmer Death Cause: What Happened To Him?

Scot Palmer was a veteran journalist who passed away. He was 84 at the time of his death.  

What is the reason behind Scot Palmer’s death? The actual cause of his death is still under the radar now. People are sharing their sincere condolence via Twitter. He left his legacy behind, which can never be forgotten.

One user on Twitter wrote, “Sad to hear of the death of legendary sports editor Scot Palmer. As a wide-eyed baby journo, he was a superstar celebrity. One of the greatest and generous storytellers in an era of great newspaper characters. Fitting his final story will be on Sunday.” 

Another user added, “RIP Scot Palmer, a remarkably talented and brilliant in his TV segment Palmer’s Punchlines. What an incredible contribution to our great game.” 

For Fifty Years Scot Palmer Married To His Wife, Lorraine Till His Death

Scot Palmer tied the knot with Lorraine for over 50 years. His wife, two children, and three grandchildren were sitting next to him when he left his heavenly body. His tragic death left his family in trauma. 

According to Wikipedia page, Scot was a member of the MCG Media Hall of Fame for years. In 2008, he retired from the associate director position in Sunday Herald Sun, but he continued writing punchlines columns for the Herald and Weekly Times.

Scot Palmer Net Worth And Salary Earning Revealed

Scot Palmer was a devoted journalist and TV presenter. His actual net worth and salary earning are yet to determine by online sources. 

As per our assumption, his yearly earning is not less than millions as his demand in the journalism field is high.