Who Was Samantha Rabinowitz? Hereforthetea2 Death and Face – How Did She Pass Away?

Who Was Samantha Rabinowitz? Hereforthetea2 Death and Face – How Did She Pass Away?

Samantha Rabinowitz aka hereforthetea2 is an internet sensation whose death news has shattered many hearts. Learn more about her. 

Samantha Rabinowitz’s death news is all over the internet. Netizens are mourning her death after her sister shared the news on her Twitter. 

Who Was Samantha Rabinowitz aka Hereforthetea2?

Samantha Rabinowitz is a popular figure better known as her YouTube name Here For The Tea. She is a respected figure among YouTube drama and beauty communities. 

She is considered a pioneer amongst the community who revealed the shady tricks and influencer marketing and sales tactics. They contain undisclosed affiliate links and sponsorships which the general public has long known about. 

Her work is mostly centered on the beauty industry, but she has also influenced the conversation regarding call-out culture, creator accountability, and online culture as a whole.

Her contents paved the way for digital culture reporting where she touched the topics that mainstream media refused to touch. Her drama channel on Youtube has massive 394k followers. 

More On Samantha Rabinowitz Death  – How Did She Pass Away?

Samantha Rabinowitz’s death news was shared by her sister. She shared the news on HFTT’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

She wrote, “It is with a heavy heart and the most extreme sadness that I am sharing this news…my baby sister Sam @hereforthetea2 has passed away. She passed peacefully in her sleep yesterday.”

The news of her death came by after Sam tweeted that she would be taking a break from social media for a while as she has received some devastating news. 

After that, she was not available on her social media handle and when the news came by, it was saddening and heartbreaking to her fans and close ones. 

Many creators like Manny MUA, Jackie Aina, and Nicol Concilio each called Sam a “friend and said she was genuinely a good one. 

Samantha Rabinowitz Face On Pictures

Samantha Rabinowitz has always hidden her face in her videos. Viewers can only hear her voices in the background of the video where she explains certain topics. 

In addition, even on her social media pages, there are no photos of her available. People who mourned her death on the internet have also not shared any pictures of her. 

It seems she preferred to stay private and not show her face online and people who were closed to her are respecting her privacy till her death as well.