Are Ronnie Spector and Zendaya Related? Children Ethnicity and Family Background

Are Ronnie Spector and Zendaya Related? Children Ethnicity and Family Background

Ronnie Spector, best known as the iconic lead singer of the 1960s girl group The Ronettes, died on Wednesday (Jan. 12) after a cancer diagnosis. 

Following her death news, a number of celebrities took to social media to express their condolences for the loss of a talented musician, inimitable vocalist, and free spirit.

Including Zendaya who will be playing Ronnie in her biopic. 

Ronnie Spector and Zendaya are rumored to be related after seeing Zendaya with a similar appearance to Ronnie. But this is false, they are not related, however, she is portraying the role of Ronnie, in her Biopic which explains the resemblance.

Zendaya was cast to play Ronettes frontwoman Ronnie Spector in a new biopic, “Be My Baby”. And it is said that Spector personally chose Zendaya to play her.

However, it’s sad that she will not be there to witness her performance. The prime-time award-winning actress and singer, Ronnie has talked about it so much.

We hope Zendaya has learned everything she can about her from their numerous meetings because she will not be present to tell the story and express her feelings. 

The film will reportedly delve into the singer’s childhood in Spanish Harlem, her experiences forming the Grammy-winning group with her sister and cousin.

Furthermore, her turbulent marriage with record producer Phil Spector, who signed the group and helped launch their 1963 hit “Be My Baby.

Under Phil’s supervision, the Ronettes released successful songs such as “(The Best Part of) Breakin’ Up” and “Walking in the Rain.” while Spector survived his abuse outside the recording studio.

In her memoir, Be My Baby”, published in 1990, she detailed his deception.

Ronnie Spector’s Five Children And Her Ethnicity- Family Details

Ronnie Spector and her five children are born to a family of mixed ethnicity. Spector belongs to the ethnicity of Irish-African-American-Cherokee.

Her mother was of African-American–Cherokee descendants while her father was of Irish–American ancestry. She was raised with her sister, Estelle Bennet, and her cousin Nedra Talley in a large family.

The three sisters were inspired to sing from a young age and later in life they together form a group called Darling sisters, which is known as Ronettes. 

Ronnie and her first husband adopted three children after their marriage, named, Donté Phillip, Louis, and Gary. And following her second marriage with Jonathan, she gave birth to two other kids, named, Austin Drew and Jason Charles.

Is Ronnie Spector Liste On Wikipedia? Meet Her Husband Jonathan Greenfield

The 78 years of Ronnie Spector is already listed on Wikipedia after her successful career as an American singer. Jonathan Greenfield is her second husband after, Phil Spector.

She was in an abusive marriage with Phil from 1968 to till her divorce in 1974. 

Phil tortured her for years and scuttled her career by forbidding her from performing. To keep her from leaving, he surrounded their home with barbed wire and guard dogs and seized her shoes.

However, in 1972, she ran from his mansion barefooted and filed for divorce. But sadly she couldn’t keep custody of her children and was denied her royalties.

Spector finally get to have a successful marriage with her manager, Jonathan Greenfield, in 1982. They were residing in Danbury, Connecticut. with their children.

Our beloved earth angel, Ronnie, peacefully left this world today,” the statement about her death said. “She was surrounded by her family and in the arms of her husband, Jonathan.”