Ronnie O Sullivan Is Still Married To Actress Wife Laila Rouass With Three Children – Snooker Player Family Explored

Ronnie O Sullivan Is Still Married To Actress Wife Laila Rouass With Three Children – Snooker Player Family Explored

Ronnie O Sullivan is not married but engaged to actress Laila Rouass. Thus, she is not his wife yet. 

Ronnie O’Sullivan is a professional English snooker player. He is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant and accomplished players who hold the record for the most ranking titles. 

According to Euro, he was defeated by Neil Robertson in the quarter-finals to end the Rocket’s quest for an eighth Masters title this year.

Ronnie O Sullivan Is Still Married To Actress Laila Rouass?- Is She His Wife?

Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan is still engaged to actress Laila Rousass, but they are yet to get married. Thus, legally they are not husband and wife. 

Nevertheless, it is surprising that the pair have maintained their relationship as fiance all these years. They met in 2012 and engaged the following year. 

As per Express UK, Laila met him when she was house-housing and ended up seeing the snooker’s property. At that time, his father showed her around the house and told her that his son would meet her. 

The athlete contacted her after getting her number from the real estate agent. They began seeing each other out and eventually fell in love. In addition, the couple shared that they are never in a rush to tie the knot as they know they love each other and want to be with each other. 

Thus, it seems netizens still have to wait for some good news from the couple. 

Ronnie O Sullivan Has Three Children

Ronnie O Sullivan is the father of three children. However, none of them are from his current relationship.

Taylor-Ann Magnus is born from O’Sullivan’s two-year relationship with Sally Magnus, while Lily and Ronnie Jr result from his relationship with Jo Langley, whom he met at Narcotics Anonymous. Besides, he became a grandfather after Taylor-Ann gave birth to a daughter in October 2018. 

Moreover, his current partner, Rouass, has a daughter from her previous relationship with businessman Nasir Khan. Her daughter’s name is Inez.

The actress was previously married to Abdeslam Rouass from 1990 until their divorce in 2003. Following the divorce, she had two partners before she engaged to the snooker. One of them is her daughter’s father, Nasir, and another is James Petrie. 

Ronnie O Sullivan Family Life Explored

Ronnie O Sullivan’s family life has been a roller coaster ride. He had three children from two relationships. He is currently engaged to Laila Rouass for eight years now.