Ron Schara Wikipedia – Wife Laura Schara, Are They Married? Find Out Here

Ron Schara Wikipedia – Wife Laura Schara, Are They Married? Find Out Here

Former TV personality Ron Schara married his long-term wife, Denise. His grown-up daughter Laura Schara handled the Minnesota Bound hosting duties now.

Ron Schara is an outstanding television personality and author whose work on Kare TV show called Minnesota Bound is people’s favorite.

Also, Ron is a public member of the Outdoor Heritage Council by the Speaker of the House in 2011. He was reselected by the Senate in 2019. His current four-year term ends in January 2023.

As per the Kare 11, the veteran TV host and presenter Ron retired from the show called “Minnesota Bound,” which he began more than two decades ago. 

Moreover, Ron was a notable outdoor columnist at the Star Tribune for decades. Today, he is the owner and producer of Ron Schara Enterprises, a full-service video production company with Six Emmy Awards. 

Does Ron Schara Have A Wikipedia Page?

Despite his recognition and popularity, Ron has no legit Wikipedia page. However, his mini-bio and career details are available right here. 

According to LSOHC, The iconic host Ron is a weekly co-host of Live Outdoors heard on WCCO 830 on CBS.


Further, Ron is highly active on Facebook (12k followers) and Twitter (1k devotees). 

Ron Schara And His Wife Denise Have Two Daughters

Ron married his supportive wife, Denise, many years ago. The duo was blessed with two children, Laura Schara, and Simone.

As noted by the source, Ron’s daughter Laura walked into her father’s footsteps. She is a regular host of the Minnesota Bound. Actually, she hosts the show “Wild In The City” in the Minnesota Bound. 

There is no obituary news of Ron’s in the media. He is still alive and doing his regular work actively.

Is Ron Schara Married? 

Yes, Ron is a married man, a great father, a caring husband, and an amazing author, and a TV personality. 

As we all are aware, Ron usually keeps her family details private. Hence, his parent’s and siblings’ details are hidden under the table.

Nevertheless, Ron was born into a middle-class family. Though his father and mother aren’t graduated, they are intelligent when it comes to nature and life. His dad taught him to hunt squirrels in the woods.  

By vocation, Ron’s dad was a carpenter, Whereas his mother was a housewife.

How Rich Is Ron Schara? His Net Worth In 2021 Explained

Ron never flaunts his net worth publicly. No doubt, he has earned a decent sum of money from his TV career and as a writer. 

By looking at his lavish lifestyle, he has a net worth of more than millions for sure.