Who Is Robert Kessler? Arrested For Stephanie Crone-Overholts Murder Charges, Is He In Jail?

Who Is Robert Kessler? Arrested For Stephanie Crone-Overholts Murder Charges, Is He In Jail?

Robert Kessler of Lutz has been arrested and accused of murdering a woman, Stephanie Crone-Overholts. What are his charges? Here is the fact. 

Lutz man Robert Kessler is a man of 69 years, was taken into custody. Police revealed that he was under arrest on drug charges this week while police were investigating him in connection with the homicide murder on November 20.

The woman, Stephanie, 47, was brutally murdered, and her body parts were dumped and dismembered in McKay Bay, reports confirmed. Her body parts were cut off in several parts as if it was an act of personal revenge on her. 

As per the recently updated news, Robert is a prime suspect in the homicide case of Stephanie. She was 47, while Robert’s age is 69 as of 2021. Stephanie’s mother has received DMs from her daughter, who had recently moved to Florida. She was asking for help, said Fox 13 News. Why does she need help? Was she in danger?  

Furthermore, Robert’s photos are available on several news channels and online platforms.  

Who Is Robert Kessler? Age And Wiki Bio Explained

Robert Keller is a prime suspect in Stephanie Crone-Overholts’ homicide murder. He was taken into custody after police were investigating the murder case. 

Coming to his age, Robert’s age is 69 years, police reports confirmed. He is from Lutz, a Census-designated place in Florida.

Nonetheless, Robert has no Wikipedia page on the internet, but his bio is available in news magazines. 

There are no details of Roberts’s Facebook or Instagram page lately. In contrast, his family and marital details are kept suspicious lately. 

Robert Kessler Was Arrested In Connection Of Robert Stephanie Crone-Overholts Murder

Robert was arrested for killing a 47-year-old woman who moved to Florida, reports said. She was staying at Robert’s house. 

Police discovered Stephanie’s blood in his Lutz house. 


Sources claimed that Robert has been denying that he has no connection to Stephanie’s murder until cops found her blood in his Lutz home. Police issued a search warrant and investigated his house. 

What Are Robert Kessler Charges? Is He In Jail?

Robert faced two felony charges, second-degree murder and dismembering human bodies. 

Yes, Robert is in jail as he has been accused of brutally murdering Stephanie in McKay Bay. Her body parts, including a human leg with a tattoo, were discovered the following day in McKay Bay, at the northeastern edge of Tampa Bay. He faced charges of second-degree murder and abuse of a dead human body.