Who Is Rapper Chucky73? Real Name and Charges Explained, NYPD Made Arrest

Who Is Rapper Chucky73? Real Name and Charges Explained, NYPD Made Arrest

Rapper Chucky73 is a freestyle and former underground rapper who has been arrested by NYPD for the Kosciuszko bridge stunt. Find more about the rapper.

Rapper Chucky73 is a well-revered and cherished rapper in the New York urbs where he has been working on the killing beats of sick or dope music.

He has been arrested by the New York Police Department for a bridge video stunt that led to the temporary closedown of the bridge.

The rapper has since then been charged with a crime and vandalizing crime and was assigned to the NY police custody.

No official statement has been passed from the rapper’s side recognizing and acknowledging the crucial details of the crime and how it unfolded into his arrest.

Who Is Rapper Chucky73? Real Name Revealed

Rapper Chucky73 who goes by the real name of Adel Mejia was the arrested rapper from the Kosciuszko bridge incident.

Adel Mejia aka Chucky73 was arrested on January 11, 2022, by the NYPD108 Precinct in the early morning.

Chucky73 has been charged with endangering the lives of innocent and vandalizing public property without authorized supervision or early warning.

Rapper Chucky73 took part in a reckless and hyped party of November 2021 at the Kosciuszko bridge that led to its temporary shutdown.

He has now been arrested for being guilty of invole=vement in that harsh party action and recklessly endangering public lives.

The wild party happened on November 14, 2021, at around 6 pm. of dusk time when a dozen of men from high profile cars got out at the bridge and blasted loud rap music while singing and dancing to it.

They also filmed themselves in action as if their high-profile shooting didn’t hamper any public transport or transit.

The Police Commissioner of the region told the NY1 news source outlet that such moron-like actions are gradually increasing these days and there is no exact shortage of such idiots in the crowd.

The rapper will now be charged for blocking public transport facilities temporarily, endangering transit networks, and vandalizing public property as well.

His previous crime records will also be surfed, if available to indict him of higher and add-on crimes.

Rapper Chucky73 Indicted Of Crime-Charges Explained

Rapper Chucky73 has been indicted of the public live endangering act and vandalizing activity.

His fellow rapper mates will also be deemed punishable by the NYPD policy and national law for their encroachment of personal spaces and facilities of the general public.

He will be fined for taking part in the rash and haphazard party action that led to the shutdown of the bridge at the New York site.

Explore Details On Rapper Chucky73’s NYPD Arrest Condition

Rapper Chucky73 has been arrested for his bridge shutdown stunt and will be admitted to harsh penalty for such reckless activity or stunt videography.

NYPD 108 Precinct which was responsible for his arrest has suggested that such foolhardy actions will be punished as critically as they hamper the general public’s peace status.