Was Rapper Big6ixx Shot To Death? Baltimore Musical Artist Found Dead, What Happened?

Was Rapper Big6ixx Shot To Death? Baltimore Musical Artist Found Dead, What Happened?

Rapper Big6ixx got shot to death in a tragic incident. What is his real name?

Big6ixx was an American rapper who had several hit songs. His latest single, Glockies, is one of his biggest hits across all the platforms. Both of his albums, The Warm Up and Dragon Ball 6ixx, were successful. 

The rapper also released several singles and EPs. Some of his songs include Glockies, Jiggin, Demon Time, Xxtra, 3Way Flow, Draft, Day, Baltimore, and many more. 6ixx’s songs are available on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Was Rapper Big6ixx Shot To Death?

Big6ixx was reportedly shot to death. His fans were quite shocked to find out about his death on Twitter. Neither the rapper’s representatives nor his family has confirmed the news yet. 

He often tells his life’s stories through the songs. The stories are based on real-life incidents he has been a part of or witnessed while living in Baltimore. 

6ixx had landed in trouble several times with the Baltimore City Police Department. Due to legal situations and involvement with drugs, he missed out on big opportunities in his career. 

Big6ixx is one of the biggest rappers coming from Baltimore, Maryland. His fanbase was huge in Maryland, and because of his versatility and talent, he started gaining more fans from other cities. 

Big6ixx’s girlfriend is yet to talk about the news of his death to the media. She does not seem to be active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

Is Big6ixx On Wikipedia? His Real Name Revealed

Big6ixx is not on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, one can read about the rapper on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Big6ixx’s real name is yet to be disclosed to the public.

He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and he has lived near West Baltimore most of his life. The rapper got exposed to the life of police brutality, crime, and drugs at a very young age. 

Big6ixx is a verified artist on Spotify. He had over 3.2k followers and more than 4.7k monthly listeners. Most of Big6ixx’s Spotify listeners are from his hometown Baltimore. His other listeners are from Boston, Arlington, Owings Mills, and Boston. 

Big6ixx Net Worth Details Explored

Big6ixx’s net worth might be in the millions, as he was a successful rapper. 

6ixx first released visuals and songs in 2017. He got immense support and recognition that year for his work. 

The rapper’s singles XXTRA and BOFFUM showed his versatility. The songs got millions of views and instantly increased his popularity. Since then, Big6ixx has reached millions of streams.