Racist: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette LA? Racial Slurs Might Lead To Resignation

Racist: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette LA? Racial Slurs Might Lead To Resignation

Racist: Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet is under intense media scrutiny after a video recorded at her home contained the use of a racial slur over the weekend.

The video emerged, seizing people speaking racist slurs while watching security footage of a failed burglary.

Michelle Odinet spoke about her and her family was victims of an armed burglary at their upscale Bendel Gardens home.

Racist: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette, LA?

Judge Michelle Odinet from Lafayette, LA, is a victim of armed burglary who spoke racial slurs at their upscale Bendel Gardens home.

A video was recorded where multiple people were insulting racist remarks and comments over the weekend.

On the video, her family gathered to watch home security footage of a failed burglary that took place Saturday in their driveway. 

None of the speakers are seen during the clip in the video, but multiple voices can repeatedly be heard saying “n—–.”

The “Mom’s yelling, n—–, n—–,” a male voice says, recounting the incident while watching the security footage. Änother female voice answered: “We have an—–, It’s an—–, like a roach.”

A 59-year-old Black male was arrested and charged with two counts of simple burglary in connection with the incident, but the suspect did not have a weapon as indicated.

Michelle Odinet Age and Wikipedia 

Michelle Odinet’s age is unknown at the moment, but she must be in her late 50’s according to her appearance. Michelle also has yet to be featured on Wikipedia as well.

She is married to Lafayette Parish Coroner Kenneth Odinet Jr. and has four children.

She was elected to the bench just more than a year ago. She says she hasn’t slept since the burglary and does not remember the racist language captured in the video.

Furthermore, Michelle claims she was given a sedative at the video and was unaware of using disturbing language during it.

She also added that anyone who knew her and her husband knows this is contrary to how they lived.

It’s not yet clear who recorded the video or how it wound up on social media, but Michelle did confirm that it was from inside her home.

Is Michelle Odinet Resigning?

Michelle Odinet does not seem to be resigning, but calls to leave are mounting for her. She won’t likely be removed or lose her seat unless she quits.

Since the video was first reported, she has been facing intense scrutiny, starting with local NAACP President Michael Toussaint, who said, “hate, in any form, cannot stand and must be condemned.”

Her resignation was also reflected by Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Katie Bernhardt Tuesday morning. 

Lafayette needs a new judge, and citizens of Lafayette deserve to have confidence in our judicial system.