Who Is Cristiano Amon? Everything About The CEO & President Of Qualcomm Incorporated

Who Is Cristiano Amon? Everything About The CEO & President Of Qualcomm Incorporated

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon talks about the company’s future projects at the CES Tech Trade Show. Let’s find out his Wikipedia bio and net worth in 2022. 

Cristiano Amon, President and the CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated reveals his future plans regarding the company. Qualcomm is best known for its most popular chipset, Snapdragon which is used in more than 35% of smartphones as of 2021. 

However, the company’s CEO has seen bigger possibilities in the future. He wants to move on to PCs, communication-centric laptops, and automobiles in the years to come. And with the rate the company is growing, his prospectus future is not far. 

Who Is Cristiano Amon? Qualcomm CEO Wikipedia Bio

Cristiano Amon is the president and the CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated. 

However, the businessman is yet to have a Wikipedia bio of his own. 

Moreover, Amon was named the CEO of Qualcomm on June 30, 2021. Upon his assumption of the office, he has already made noticeable changes, especially the release of upgraded chipsets of Snapdragon. 

Moving on, the CEO began his journey at Qualcomm in 1995. He first joined the company as an engineer and was later named the president of the company. 

The businessman rose to fame among the board of directors because of the highly successful 5G strategy. 

Cristiano Amon Salary And Net Worth: Earnings Explored!

Cristiano Amon has a net worth of over $65 million, according to Wallmine. 

The businessman is the highest-earning individual in the company in terms of salary. Also, he owns more than 5400 units of Qualcomm stocks which are roughly worth around $22 million. 

As per Wallmine, he earns a total salary of more than $13 million per year. Besides, Amon is a busy person when it comes to trading as well. 

Cristiano Amon Wife And Family

Cristiano Amon is a husband and a father.

However, the tech entrepreneur has not shared any further details about his wife and his child until now. We will update you with details about his family as soon as possible. 

Meet Cristiano Amon On Twitter

The Qualcomm CEO is quite active on Twitter with over 40k followers on his official account. 

Moreover, Amon is a graduate of Electrical Engineering, who has a keen interest in wireless technologies. Besides, he is also the Co-Chair of the Council for IoT at the World Economic Forum’s Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution.