Has Projekt Melody Revealed Her Face? Meet The Streamer On Instagram

Has Projekt Melody Revealed Her Face? Meet The Streamer On Instagram

Projekt Melody is a Virtual Tuber, Twitch streamer & famous animated personality. She is known for live streaming on Twitch. To understand the details on the face revelation of the renowned streamer, stick with us.

Projekt Melody is a VTuber who streams in 3D anime style. 

She made her first public appearance in July of this year, with the launch of her Twitter account. Since early 2020, she has been live streaming on Chaturbate and Twitch.

Melody’s Twitter followers increased from 700 to over 20,000 in the first three days of her Chaturbate broadcasting, and her quick gain in popularity drew varied opinions.

Melody joined VShojo, one of the first VTuber talent agencies headquartered in the Western world, as a founding member in late 2020. She refers to herself as machine intelligence.

Projekt Melody Face Reveal

Melody’s face is behind the curtain because she is a virtual streamer.

She is a virtual character, and the tech support is also in charge of the stream.

DigitrevX, an American animator, was tasked with creating Projeckt’s avatar. Fellow webcam models criticized Projekt Melody’s success, claiming that she does not suffer the same level of sensitivity as human models. She questioned whether she had a place on Chaturbate.

Projekt Melody Age- How Old Is She?

Projekt was found when she signed up for Twitter for the first time, making her two years old. 

Her fictional character, on the other hand, is currently 21 years old. She was born on 7th June 2000.


The game engine Unity is used to render her in real-time. Her appearance is anime-inspired, with purple and blue hair and an adhesive bandage on her nose.

Melody claims to be an artificial intelligence that analyzes emails for malware. She became obsessed with human sexuality after being corrupted by a series of pornographic pop-up advertising in 2019.

Find Projekt Melody On Instagram

Aside from Instagram, the October Projekt Melody is available on several social media platforms.

As previously stated, she made her debut on Twitter. The handle for her Twitter account is @ProjektMelody. Her Twitter feed has over 455k followers.


She’s also a 490k-follower Twitch streamer. On her Twitch account, she streams regularly.

Who Is Projekt Melody Partner?

As Projekt Melody is a virtual streamer, she does not have any partner as of now.

However, her fans are excited if her character will give the parter for the stream.

Projekt Melody Net Worth Revealed 

Projekt Melody gives her creator a sizable sum of money, putting her net worth at over $700,000.

She earns money using numerous internet platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and others. Projekt has an onlyfans account as well. Only fans contain information that is only suitable for people of a certain age. 

Anime fans make up the majority of her onlyfans.