Picture: Is The IG Model Hot Sauce Brittany Renner? Name Exposed, Reddit Reacts To Drake Jokes

Picture: Is The IG Model Hot Sauce Brittany Renner? Name Exposed, Reddit Reacts To Drake Jokes

A hilarious story about an experience of hot sauce of an IG model is viral on Reddit. However, her name is not public yet. 

The story involved the famous musician and rapper Drake. People on the internet has various reaction to it. Some even said it was an excellent story to lighten their mood on a dull Sunday morning. 

Here is how the artist responded after the rumors started spreading. 

Who Is The IG Model Hot Sauce Reddit? Name Exposed

The name of the IG model whose story of hot sauce on Reddit is not exposed on the internet yet. However, some people guess that it could be Brittany Renner. The story was first posed in an Instagram account named @toomuchhottea. 

According to various sources, an Instagram model said Drake had an unusual method of avoiding pregnancy. Since the sensational tale broke in social media, the rapper has been trending on Twitter.

The model, who did not want to be identified, alleged that the singer puts hot sauce in his used contraceptives to prevent women he sleeps with from seeking child support. However, things became tense in this situation, and the model has decided to sue Drake.

According to the story, the two met at a party and agreed to spend the night in a hotel room together. However, things took an intimate turn after smoking cannabis.

The model allegedly retrieved the contraceptive out of the garbage after Drake had disposed of it and attempted to impregnate herself with it. That was when she discovered it was filled with hot sauce, which was an unpleasant experience. Thus, she threatened to sue him based on these claims. 

Twitter has IG Model’s Picture

Twitter does not have a picture of the IG model who sued Drake. However, several cyberians have turned the rumors into meme content. 

The reactions from the user are funny. Some even questioned what she was suing him for after she was the one who decided to use Drake’s DNA to impregnate herself. 

Drake Jokes On IG Model Claims Explained

Drake jokes about the ongoing rumor about him and the IG Model. His recent IG post of Drake with a caption, “You can have your 15 minutes of fame… I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins,” is considered his reaction to the rumors. 

In addition, it seems that he is trying to convey that the rumors are false and a publicity stunt by someone anonymous.