Photo: Fernando Arroyos Girlfriend Name, Was She Also Shot To Death? LAPD Officer Murder Update

Photo: Fernando Arroyos Girlfriend Name, Was She Also Shot To Death? LAPD Officer Murder Update

The photo of Fernando Arroyo’s girlfriend is not released in the media yet. He was an off-duty officer who was killed on Monday night. 

When the LAPD officer was killed, he was house hunting with his girlfriend. He was shot and killed, but the detail about his lover has made netizens curious. 

Fernando Arroyos Girlfriend Photo

The media has not revealed the photo of Fernando Arroyo’s girlfriend. Furthermore, she has not appeared for any comments regarding the incident. 

The news sources only informed that the officer asked his girlfriend to run away to protect her. She may have been deeply hurt and shocked following the incident. 

Thus, it is difficult for her and the officer’s family, who lost their young son in a tragic incident. 

He and his girlfriend were crossing the street after stopping to look at a property for sale when three guys jumped out of a car and attempted to rob them at gunpoint.

The men began to fire on him, so he led his girlfriend to safety. He was able to return fire before he collapsed of wounds. He was taken to a nearby hospital. However, he died from his injuries.

Fernando Arroyos Girlfriend Name Not Announced Yet

The authorities have not revealed the name of Fernando Arroyos’ girlfriend. Furthermore, there are no details about where she went after her boyfriend asked her to leave the incident sight. 

However, a witness told the police that he heard several gunshots and found the wounded officer crying for help. The woman was possibly the officer’s girlfriend. 

In a statement, Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, said that Arroyos was looking for the first home for him and his partner. He added that the officer would be remembered as a hero who died trying to see himself and his lover. 

His mother described him as a simple man who only wanted to assist his family and serve his society. She said that she was a proud mother and her son was good in all aspects. 

Was Fernando Arroyos Girlfriend Also Shot To Death?

Fernando Arroyos’ girlfriend was not shot to death because he saved her before he passed away. He asked his partner to run away and return to the car to ensure her safety. 

After that, he exchanged gunfire with the robbers. He was shot and collapsed when trying to chase them. His partner tried to provide him aid until the help arrived. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, writes People.