Pfizer: Who Is Alison Coleman? 7 Year Old Sydney Child Death From Vaccine

Pfizer: Who Is Alison Coleman? 7 Year Old Sydney Child Death From Vaccine

Alison Coleman, a seven-year-old Sydney girl, died within 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccination. Here’s where you can learn more about the circumstances surrounding her death.

Allison Coleman’s name has suddenly become a popular subject on social media following her death news. After being inoculated against COVID-19, the 7-year-old died.

Following an outbreak of omicron cases in Australia, the Australian government has begun vaccinating children aged 5 to 11. As vaccines were already underway and many children were immunized, rumors of a 7-year-old girl’s death spread.

Pfizer: Who Is Alison Coleman? 7-Year-Old Sydney Child Death From Vaccine

Alison Coleman, a Sydney-based 7-year-old, died within 24 hours after receiving Pfizer’s anti-COVID vaccine.

The news of her death has gone viral, with internet users wondering if the Pfizer vaccination is safe for children. Many children have got the Pfizer vaccination, and parents are curious to see if their children experience any side effects.

Pfizer has been approved by the Australian government as a vaccine for children. This initiative was considered because of the substantial sensitivity and risk of contracting the virus among children.

According to virus reports, Allison Coleman was immunized by Pfizer on Tuesday, January 11th, 2022. Her body began to display negative symptoms later on, and she died soon after.

The Pfizer vaccination is a COVID-19 immunization that the CDC recommends for use in the United States. The vaccine has been licensed by the FDA for people aged 16 and older, as well as children aged 5 to 15.

Alison Coleman Parents And Ethnicity

Alison Coleman’s parents belong to the Australian ethnicity. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, her parents, have learned of her death as a result of the Pfizer vaccine.

Their specifics, however, have yet to be discovered and are unavailable on the internet. Coleman’s parents have yet to speak to the public about their daughter’s death, but they have informed the authorities.

Her parents raised her as their precious daughter, and she was well-cared. Alison’s father and mother are devastated over the loss of their adorable seven-year-old daughter.

Her family and parents are going through a difficult time.

Alison Coleman Age: How Old Was She?

Alison Coleman was only seven years of age at the time of her death.

On Tuesday, January 11 in NSW, she died after receiving the vaccine. Coleman was an Australian citizen. She was born and reared in Sydney by her parents.

There are few specifics on the infant that have been discovered, and more information is yet unknown. We don’t know if she has any brothers or sisters or cousins. Her relatives and family members are pleading for justice.

Coleman was a former student at one of Sydney’s public schools.

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