Who Was Officer Marlene Rittmanic? Bradley Police Officer Shot To Death, Meet Her Husband & Family

Who Was Officer Marlene Rittmanic? Bradley Police Officer Shot To Death, Meet Her Husband & Family

Sgt Marlene Rittmanic of the Bradley Police Department was killed while on duty while responding to a report of dogs barking in an abandoned vehicle in the hotel parking lot.

 After a hotel shooting in Kankakee County, Bradley Police Sgt Marlene Rittmanic was killed, and second officer Tyler Bailey was critically injured.

Darius D. Sullivan, 25, and a second suspect, who has yet to be identified, are being sought by investigators. Because the case is still being investigated, there isn’t much information available.

Who Was Marlene Rittmanic?

Marlene Rittmanic, Bradley Police Department Sergeant, was two officers shot at a Comfort Inn hotel.

She was 49-years-old when she was killed. She was murdered while on duty, 

A parade in Rittmanic’s honor will be held from the morgue to Clancy-Gernon Funeral Home in Bourbonnais.

What Happened To Marlene Rittmanic?

Marlene Rittmanic and other officers were dispatched to the Comfort Inn in the 1500 block of North State Highway 50 to report dogs barking in an unattended vehicle in the hotel’s parking lot.

Officers discovered a vehicle and a room within the hotel where the possible owner of the car was staying when they arrived.

As per the authorities, Cops started a conversation with the people in the room, and while they were talking, they were attacked by the people in the room, and both officers were shot. 

The officers were brought to hospitals in the area immediately.

Marlene died in the end, while another police officer is still in severe condition and is undergoing surgery. 

In the meantime, authorities are looking for Darius D. Sullivan, 25, and a second suspect who has yet to be named. A warrant for Sullivan’s arrest has been issued, and he is regarded armed and dangerous, according to police.

The investigation is still going on in this case, and further information is still yet to be revealed.

Marlene Rittmanic Husband And Family

Marlene Rittmanic has never spoken openly about her family or husband. 

She appears to be a very private individual who prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.

She must be married, as she is 49 years old, and she must have children too.

However, Marlene’s husband’s identity is not revealed yet.

Her family must be heartbroken after hearing the sad news.