Obituary: What Happened To Dr Alice Von Hildebrand? Death Cause – Husband & Family

Obituary: What Happened To Dr Alice Von Hildebrand? Death Cause – Husband & Family

An official obituary of Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand was released by a journal named One Peter Five.

She came to New York City in 1940 as a war refugee. She became an American Catholic philosopher, theologian, lecturer, author, and professor.

Several news sources have announced her death at the age of 98 on January 14, 2022. Her 99th birthday was just a few months far. 

One Peter Five Official Obituary For Alice Von Hildebrand- What Happened To Her?

A journal named One Peter Five paid tribute to Dr. von Hildebrand’s in an official obituary notice. They wrote that “the Church militant has been deprived of a great woman of God, a new Deborah, a new Jael, a woman who imitated the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother and Queen.”

She was a lecturer, philosopher, theologian, author, and professor whose contribution to the community of Church militants will be remembered forever.

She worked as a Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College since 1947, where she was a highly successful teacher for 37 years. After receiving the highest student assessment in the College, she was granted a special award for excellence in teaching by Hunter College when she retired in 1984.

In addition, she was the author of several books, including Introduction to a Philosophy of Religion, Greek Culture, By Love Refined, By Grief Refined, The Soul of a Lion, The Privilege of Being a Woman, Man and Woman: A Divine Invention.

She has also written numerous philosophical papers in journals and magazines such as The New Oxford Review, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Crisis Magazine, and This Rock. She also contributed to the Catholic News Agency’s website regularly.

She has been engaged in the Catholic world as a lecturer on various issues since her retirement. On top of that, her travels have taken her to South America, Canada, thirty-five states in the United States, and several European nations.

Alice Von Hildebrand Death Cause Explored

There is no cause of death mentioned in Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand‘s obituary notice. However, it could be possible that her death resulted from her old age. 

She passed away at the age of 98. She was born on March 11, 1923, in Belgium. She settled down in New York after entering the country as a refugee in the 1940s.

It was the city where she started her new life. There, she met the love of her life, started and grew her career, and took her last breath as well. 

Alice Von Hildebrand Husband Was Dietrich von Hildebrand

Alice Von Hildebrand’s husband was the famous German Roman Catholic philosopher Dietrich Von Hildebrand. In the 1940s, she met Dietrich and enrolled as his student at Fordham University, where she attended roughly 18 courses with him.

Later, she worked as his secretary and assisted him in authoring several of his novels. She married the widower who was 34 years her senior in 1959.

The pair remained husband and wife until Dietrich died in 1977. 

Who Are Alice Von Hildebrand Family?

There is no detailed information about Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand’s family. Besides her husband’s information, the internet does not contain any data about her children or other family members.