Oath Keepers Arrested: Who Is Stewart Rhodes And What Is Seditious Conspiracy?

Oath Keepers Arrested: Who Is Stewart Rhodes And What Is Seditious Conspiracy?

Arrested for conspiracy in Jan 6 riot, Stewart Rhodes is definitely getting his place on Wikipedia soon.

With many Oath Keepers members being speculated to be responsible for Jan 6 riot, its founder Stewart Rhodes also got arrested for it recently. He has been identified as one of the most high-profile names to be taken in charge of the incident so far.

Rhodes has been repeatedly denying the allegation against him. He says that he was present in the Capitol that day but never went inside the hall and strictly condemns his involvement in attacking the Congress.

However, the curiosity around this VIP name who got arrested serves right. Here is what we know about him.

Stewart Rhodes Wikipedia

Despite being the founder of Oath Keepers; an American far-right anti-government military force from the civil population, Stewart Rhodes is yet to feature on Wikipedia. With a strong educational background, the founder is working towards the betterment of his group.

Even though his date of birth is unknown, Stewart is 56 years old. He went to Yale University and is a law graduate. Similarly, he is a former Army paratrooper. Other than this, very little is known about his academic and family setting. 

He has been passionately working towards Oath Keepers and is defending the Constitution of the USA as per his group’s motto.

Oath Keepers: Stewart Rhodes Arrested For Seditious Conspiracy

A lot of people from the Oath Keepers had been arrested in the past for their connection in the Jan 6 riot but the founder was far from getting onto it. However, Stewart Rhodes got arrested today on suspicion of his involvement in attacking Congress on Jan 6.

To this, Rhodes has been constantly denying the allegations put on him. He has been reported to be involved in a Seditious Conspiracy. This means he was not directly involved in the riot but was inciting people for it.

Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, his arrest has definitely shocked everyone.

Why Does Stewart Rhodes Put An Eye Patch

Stewart Rhodes has an eye patch for his injury that happened in 1993. A firearms instructor loaded his handgun and shot him on the spot which blinded his left eye. Till today the Oath Keeper’s founder uses an eye patch to cover it.

Many people call his look fascinating with supervillain touch but the truth is his eye injury.