No, Herschel Walker Son Is Not Gay – Meet Christian Walker Wife

No, Herschel Walker Son Is Not Gay – Meet Christian Walker Wife

Herschel Walker is not gay, unlike his son Christian Walker. Details on his wife and family life are given below.

Herschel Walker is an American politician and a retired football player. He is running for the election in 2022  for the Senate seat in Georgia.

Walker is considered one of the greatest athletes in football. He played for the New Jersey Generals and Dallas Cowboys in the USFL.

In the NFL, he played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. Currently, he is a member of the Republican party.

Is Herschel Walker Gay?

No, Herschel Walker is not gay. The football star has dated so many women in his lifetime.

In fact, he has been married twice to two beautiful ladies.

Herschel Walker is rumored to be gay only because, his son Christian Walker is openly homosexual.

Meet Herschel Walker Son Christian Walker 

Herschel Walker’s eldest son Christian Walker is an American activist and Internet personality.

Christian was born in the year 1999, September 30. He describes himself as a “free-speech radicalist” and “Counter-Cultural”.

As an Internet sensation, Christian Walker has a huge fanbase on Instagram. He goes by the username @christianwalk1r.

The young activist has amassed more than 430 thousand followers to date.

Besides, politics and social media, the young walker is pursuing his career in cheerleading. He is a student at UCLA.

 Herschel Walker’s son also runs his own official store under his name. 

Who Is Herschel Walker Wife?

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman became Herschel Walker’s wife in 1983. They fell in love during college time.

However, after 19 years of marriage, they separated in the year 2002.

Grossman says her relationship with Walker remained full of ups and downs. She also pointed out his abusive that destroyed their marriage.

As per The Sun, Herschel Walker’s second wife is Julie Blanchard. The couple tied the knot in May 2021 after dating for more than a decade.

Julie Blanchard’s age and occupation still remain unknown. Unlike, Walker she is very private about her life and prefers living lowkey.

In August 2021, it was reported that Blanchard was under police investigation. She was blamed for voting in Georgia while residing in Texas.

Despite his wife’s legal issues, Walker announced his election participation in August 2021.

Herschel Walker Parents Details

Willis and Christine Walker are the parents of Herschel Walker.

The former NFL star was raised in Georgia by a large family. He spent most of his life in his hometown Wrightsville.

Herschel has six siblings in his blue-collar family.