Who is Nicky Banfield? Justin Goolsby Shooting and Justice March

Who is Nicky Banfield? Justin Goolsby Shooting and Justice March

Nicky Banfield, how is she related to the case of Justin Goolsby. Let us find more about the shooting and justice march of the man Justin.

Justin Goolsby, a Nevada, Missouri man, is dead after a shooting at an I-49 gas station.

Justice for Justin is trending on Twitter and Tik Tok after being shot to death by a 62-year-old, Steven Sam Vignolo.

Who is Nicky Banfield? 

The name Nicky Banfield is arising in the media after the murder of Justin Goolsby. As for now, we do not know who she is and what her role was in the case.

Nicky Banfield might be related to Steven Sam Vignolo and Justin Goolsby. But we aren’t sure about her right now because we don’t have all of her information.

She must have some connection to the deceased as she has arisen in the case.

Steven Sam Vignolo is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for killing Justin. He’s being held without bond in the Vernon County Jail.

In an interview with Steven, he reported he was angry at Goolsby for allegedly touching his granddaughter.

The child was also Goolsby’s daughter. He knew that Goolsby would have a child custody exchange this evening, and he knew it usually happens at Pilot Travel Center.

So in the mode of anger and rage, he shot the man for the sake of his granddaughter and the abuse to be stopped; he found no other way.

Steven should have taken help from the police and the matter to the court and but unfortunately, he took the other way around.

Justin Goolsby Shooting and Justice March

Justin Goolsby has been on headlines, and #JusticeforJustine is trending on social media.

But the question remains that he was abusing his daughter, and people are still seeking justice for him is astounding.

What should an older man do when he finds her grandaughter being used as a tool for her father’s satisfaction. 

It is not ideal for killing the man, but the void and rage always make us go blind and think about taking the matter into our own hands, and this is a fact that many of us think to do.

So we should always think before and act later. If Steven Vignolo had thought clearly, he would have found a way to and the first step was to go to the police report and stop the custody exchange.

But sadly, he killed the man point-blank.

Steven walked to Pilot from 71 Motel and saw Justin Goolsby’s truck in the parking lot. He went there to confront him and shot him inside the vehicle multiple times.

Recently we have no clue about Nicky Banfield’s relation to the suspect and the victim.

It is suspected that she might be the granddaughter abused by her father, which led to her grandad shooting him.

But as we do not have the exact information, we can not be sure who she is and what her connection is in this case.