Who Is Naomi Wootton Barrister? Djokovic Lawyer Wikipedia and Hearing Live Stream Link

Who Is Naomi Wootton Barrister? Djokovic Lawyer Wikipedia and Hearing Live Stream Link

Naomi Wootton is a barrister from the council of Minister for Home Affairs, whose Wikipedia profile is under construction. Continue reading the article to discover more about her. 

Naomi Wootton has raised to prominence after her involvement in the Novac Djokovic case. People are curious to learn about her after she made a silent appearance on the online hearing of the case. 

Djokovic is kept in detention after he entered Australia without being vaccinated against covid. Lawyers for Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, claim Novak Djokovic was never assured that his medical exclusion would allow him to enter the country. 

Who Is Naomi Wootton Barrister? Djokovic Lawyer Wikipedia 

Naomi Wootton is the Counsel for the Minister For Home Affairs, who is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page.

She has appeared in the online hearing of Novac Djokovic online hearing today. However, people are wondering what her role was in the trial since she remained silent throughout the case. 

Her role was to observe the trial on behalf of the council and government along with Christopher Tran, as mentioned by the judge, Kelly.

Naomi has advised and appeared in a variety of commercial, public, and criminal law matters in Australia.  Some of her appearances include the one in the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia, and the Supreme Courts of New South Wales and Victoria.

She was also present in the final hearings in the Local Court and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal unrepresented.

 Prior to her appointment in the council, Naomi jas worked as an Associate at the High Court of Australia and as tipstaff and Research Director to the Hon TF Bathurst AC, Chief Justice of New South Wales.

Besides, she has been involved in several private organizations like Marrickville Legal Centre and taught Corporations Law at the Australian National University.

She is an ANU College of Law graduate and a University Medal holder. She was an academically outstanding student who received a scholarship throughout her five years of study.

You can get the live stream link of the hearing of Novak Djokovic here and also on Youtube. However, there has been a lot of technical issues in the recording. 

He was charged with law breaching as he went to Australia believing he had a medical waiver to enter the country without being vaccinated against Covid.

However, the 20-time Grand Slam winner was caught off guard when border officials detained him for not having the proper visa.

The 34-year-old is currently held in a detention hotel. Which is considered as “inhumane” and “bug-infested”, by his mother. 

Regardless, Djokovic is ecstatic to compete in the Australian Open, which begins on January 17.

It’s possible that he was “hurled on the next plane out,” as Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned.

Naomi Wootton Seems 30-35 Years Old – Does She Have A Husband?

Naomi Wootton whose age could be in between 30-35 years, has not disclosed her marital life or husband’s details to the public.

Assuming from her age, she appears to be married already, but we don’t have any concrete evidence backing the fact for now. 

We could not locate her on social media platforms which made it difficult to discover more about her personal life. 

We will update you with further information as soon as the information is made available. 

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Last Modified: January 10, 2022

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