Muwop Oblock Arrested For FBG Duck Death – Meet Brother Zell Oblock

Muwop Oblock Arrested For FBG Duck Death – Meet Brother Zell Oblock

Muwop Oblock has been arrested for FBG Duck death. Here’s what we know about the murder.

Muwop is widely recognized as a musical artist. Some of his popular songs are For Real, Spin It, Nobody Move, etc.

Well, we can find all his songs on Spotify. Moreover, he uploads music videos on his YouTube channel (71.6 thousand subscribers).

Muwop Oblock Arrested For FBG Duck Death: What Happened?

Muwop Oblock is one of the four people who has been arrested. Multiple reports claim that he is responsible for FCB Duck’s death.

On August 4, 2021, rapper Duck was killed while standing on a sidewalk. During the incident, two innocents were wounded.

According to AJC, four firemen in two cars shot FBG. Reportedly, the shooting took place in Chicago’s high-end shopping district.

Moreover, the deceased artist was just 26 years old. Interestingly, he belonged to the Gangster Disciples street gang.

Currently, the police are investigating whether his death is connected to a recent music video. Well, he had mentioned his dead rival which might have triggered Muwop and his friends.

After the shooting, FBG was rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Half an hour later, he was pronounced dead.

As per some of the trending tweets, Oblock members have been arrested. Apart from Muwop, DQ and C-Thang are also under custody. But, we are unsure of the fourth person involved in this case.

At the moment, no official site has confirmed this news. Thus, the arrest is just a developing story right now.

Meet Muwop Oblock Brother Zell Oblock

Muwop Oblock had a brother named Zell Oblock aka Zell Munna. Sadly, he passed away in August 2021.

Multiple reports claim that Zell had committed suicide. Nevertheless, he would have been arrested if he was alive today.

At the moment, the investigation is still going on. So, we aren’t aware of the charges the four will face.

Reportedly, Muwop and the others are close associates of OTF and King Von. Well, we can confirm that Zell was one of the shooters who killed rapper FBG Duck.

Is Muwop On Instagram?

Muwop Oblock is on Instagram as @muwopfrmdao. He has approximately 269 thousand followers.

Moreover, he is also on Twitter as @MuwopFrmdaO. Well, he has gained nearly 54.1 thousand followers there.

Moving on, the Chicago rapper is of American nationality. But, we are unaware of his ethnicity.

Also, he hasn’t shared much about his family life. Furthermore, we have no clue about his relationship status.