How Old Is Morgan Simianer? Age, Cheer Net Worth and Salary, Find Her On Instagram

How Old Is Morgan Simianer? Age, Cheer Net Worth and Salary, Find Her On Instagram

Morgan Simianer, a 24-year-old star is a returning cast member on the second season of Netflix’s Cheer, released on 12 January 2022.

The Cheer spectators got to meet Morgan Simianer back on season 1 of the Netflix series and we will again meet her on the second season.

Cheer is an American sports television documentary series that shows the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team from Corsicana, Texas while competing against their arch-rival Trinity Valley Community College.

How Old Is Morgan Simianer? Explore Her Age

Morgan Simianer is 24 years of age as she was born on 9 1997, in Osage, Wyoming, United States. 

Morgan is 5 feet 1 inch tall in height with 46 kg in weight. Since she celebrates her birthday in October every year so her birth sign is Libra.

She appears on the cheerleading squad for Navarro College Corsicana, Texas for the second time as a returning cast member.

The show focuses on five individual Cheer Team members with a history of cheerleading are in the National Cheerleaders Association.

The Cheer Team has won fourteen NCA National Championships and five Grand Nationals with the highest score of all teams in the competition.

Morgan Simianer Net Worth and Salary

Morgan Simianer estimated net worth is estimated around $1.5 million dollars. The cheerleaders make a salary of $10,000 dollars according to various sources.

Morgan’s exact net is yet to be updated but sources reveal she makes a decent amount of money through her various sources of income.

Her source of income is majorly attributed to her career as a Cheerleader and Television Personality.

Moreover, she is making good money through product endorsements and has had several big brand deals.

Morgan found fame when Cheer season 1 came out in 2020 and she became a hot sensation.

She ascended to international stardom and also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2020. 

Meet Morgan Simianer on Instagram

Morgan Simianer can be found on Instagram as @morgannlyn with 1.1m followers and 342 posts.

She can also be found on  Twitter as @MorganSimianer with 25.1k followers. 

She has shared most of her professional content as well as her private content.

Moreover, she is also dating a lovely man named Stone Burleson and both of them had made it official on their Insta account.

Morgan has written in her IG bio as CHEER Cat Mom and shares her cat photos on @louisboujee.

She also has shared her shop lines of products with Conair and Scünci at CVS beauty for selling and promoting her business.

On TikTok she also promotes CASETiFY, so these must be the brands that she’s currently working with.