Who Is Model Andrew Haan? Assault Allegations and Drama, What Did He Do?

Who Is Model Andrew Haan? Assault Allegations and Drama, What Did He Do?

Andrew Haan is a fairly popular model on the internet who has been accused of sexual assault by several women questioning his popularity. 

Andrew Haan aka Andrew Church Clark calls himself a model and has a relatively good following on his social media accounts. Many women on TikTok have come up with their stories alleging him of sexually harassing them.

The social media personality has deleted his TikTok post due to massive online hate. The curiosity to know more about him after the buzz is quite obvious.

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Who Is Model Andrew Haan? Assault And Allegations

Model Andrew Haan goes by many names. He is known as Andrew Church Clark, Andrew Lindell, and Drew Lindy. The reason behind his many names is not clear yet and the allegations against him have come out with all the names.

Haan was a student at the University of Vermont where he was suspended for groping women. As a result of which, the model did not hesitate to blame the system and call it biased against men.

Today the social media is filled with women questioning his fame. They are talking about how he used to stalk them, make them uncomfortable, and harass them. Further, a woman who was a friend to Andrew was also alerted through an Instagram DM of his inappropriate behavior against women.

Meet Andrew Haan On Instagram

Andrew Haan can be found on Instagram with 53.8 k followers. A woman expressed her issues with a sexual assaulter having 40k followers in her video on Andrew. After he was exposed by several women, he got massive trolling and hate on his social media, hereby the model was forced to delete his TikTok account.

Nevertheless, he can still be found on Facebook where we can find his number of shirtless pictures with 1.6k followers.

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Andrew Haan Age And Height

Andrew Haan’s age seems to be in his early twenties. However, the exact detail of his date of birth is yet to surface on the internet. Now he is a fairly known model from the States with a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

His parents’ information is not available and the model does not seem to have a girlfriend at the moment. Taking the allegations into account, he does not seem to be in a serious relationship with anybody. Further, there is no light shaded on his past relationships as well.