Meet Michael Goguen Wife Crisel Woodland, As Husband Faces Fraud and Affair Allegations

Meet Michael Goguen Wife Crisel Woodland, As Husband Faces Fraud and Affair Allegations

Two bear Capital leader Michael Goguen’s wife Crisel Woodland is a 40 years old Manila origin actress. Find more about their married life.

Venture capitalist Michael has been a hyped name in the area of tech business and enterprises.

The self-made billionaire has boosted an flawless career portfolio and business history until his database leaks.

He reportedly kept a spreadsheet record of more than 4000 women he slept with, including teenagers, prostitutes, and past employees.

In just two decades post the mid-1900s, Michael successfully uplifted about 54 of the company’s investments into the combined market.

His ‘Two Bear Capital’ has been conducting risky rescue missions on helicopters and has saved millions of struggling lives in extreme conditions.

Meet Michael Goguen Wife Crisel Woodland

Elite businessman and tech entrepreneur Michael Goguen have been married to his wife, Jordana Crisel Woodland.

Jordana Crisel Woodland, a fine actress at her best, has starred in movies like The Pool Boys, Screwball, Pizza With Bullets, and many more.

Crisel was born on October 3, 1981, to a Spanish mother and Filipino-American father in Manila of Philipines.

She moved to the United States in 1996, where she met her Sequoia-based future husband, conducting his business on ethical grounds.

Initially, she tried to settle for the fashion and designer brand industry, where she excelled utmost.

Then, she attended a grand movie premiere venue where her interest in cinematic artistry increased a lot.

She then entered the entertainment industry, which showed less tough screening procedures than her fashion influencing career.

Crisel believed Michael was a loving family guy having revering attitude for every woman until his spreadsheet leaked that shocked the entire world, let alone the foxed family.

Crisel and Michael were blessed with their three children, son Bryson and Jayden and daughter Lila Goguen.

Explore Michael Goguen On Wikipedia 

Michael Lewis Goguen has been featured on the Wikitia but not on the Wikipedia bio page.

The reputed engineer and venture capitalist turned businessman has been gathering a lot of attention recently after the record of his love moments got leaked.

He was born on March 8, 1964, and has been conducting business for over 20 years.

Michael’s elite strategy and tech entrepreneurship ideas led to the flourish of the Sequoia prime.

The 57 years old genius attended Stanford University to pursue his electrical engineering degree and then moved to the business sector.

How Rich Is Michael Goguen? Net Worth Revealed

Michael Goguen has surmised a massive value to his wealth or fortune deposit as he has served as the director of many billions crossing tech ventures.

The rich businessman takes in more than $500k annually as a base salary apart from incentives and bonuses.

He flaunts a staggering net worth of over $5 billion.