YouTuber Mel Thompson Death News – Beauty Guru On Instagram

YouTuber Mel Thompson Death News – Beauty Guru On Instagram

Youtuber Mel Thompson has reportedly died. Here is everything to know about her reported death. 

Users on Twitter stack up to dedicate obituaries and tributes to the famous Youtube content creator, Mel Thompson. The makeup artist reportedly died yesterday as per several sources on Twitter. 

With an official confirmation still to be made by her family, a source reveals that she is no longer with us. This is quite hard to believe as the Youtuber just posted a very famous video a week earlier. 

May her departed soul rest in peace. 

Mel Thompson Death: How did makeup artist die?

Youtuber Mel Thompson is no longer with us. 

As confirmed by several users on Twitter, Mel died on September 27, 2021. However, the cause of her death remains under review for the time being. 

We were still waiting for official confirmation from her family until her Instagram account confirmed the news a few moments ago. So, it is true that the Youtube content creator has left us. 

Mel Thompson was known for her beauty and makeup tips. And besides all that, she was a cheerful figure who was very close to her fans. She will be missed dearly. 

Mel Thompson Age: How old was she?

Mel Thompson was just 35 years of age. 

The famous makeup content creator uploaded a video on August 2, 2018, on her birthday. But unfortunately, she could only live to celebrate her 35th birthday. 

Mel Thompson died almost a month after her 35th birthday. May she rest in peace. 

Mel Thompson Reddit and Instagram: Find her on Youtube

Mel Thompson’s death has captured social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter at the moment. 

People are giving a lot of tributes to the makeup artist. 

Moreover, Mel Thompson was famous on Instagram and Youtube for her makeup videos. Her Instagram account has more than 55k followers at the moment. 

Likewise, Mel had accumulated more than 168k subscribers on Youtube as well. She was best known for her beauty and makeup tips. 

The news of her death is circulating all over Reddit and Twitter. Fans are absolutely heartbroken by the news. 

Mel Thompson Partner And Family

There is nothing much known about her partner and parents. 

However, we do forward our deepest condolences to her family. May they find all the strength in the world to move on from such a tragedy.