Meet Nathan Cleary Siblings – Sister Milaya Cleary and Brother Jett

Meet Nathan Cleary Siblings – Sister Milaya Cleary and Brother Jett

Nathan Cleary siblings are not any less famous than him. Learn more about them.

Nathan is currently trending on social media for his outstanding performance in NRL Grand Finale. 

Meet Nathan Cleary Siblings

Nathan Cleary has three siblings named Milaya Cleary, Indi Cleary and Jett Cleary. His brother looks like he is in his 20s- probably a few years younger than him. 

Jett was born in New Zealand to Ivan Cleary and Rebecca Cleary. He is the rugby player from Perth Panther’s junior team. 

His sister Milaya Cleary was also born in New Zealand. However, Nathan was born in Australia. His family later moved to New Zealand because of his father’s rugby career. He also has a sister named Indi Cleary. 

He and his siblings belong to the Australian-Croatian ethnicity. 

There is not much information about his sister on the Internet. Similarly, his athlete brother is quite popular but do not have much information either. 

Learn About Sister Milaya Cleary and Brother Jett 

Milaya Cleary is the youngest sister whereas Jett is the youngest brother of the athlete. His brother also seems to have inherited his father’s gene. He is a prominent rugby player just like his elder brother and father.

We can probably see him with his father in news someday just like Nathan. Moreover, details on his sister are rare on the Internet. She also has made her social media profile private. 

However, in 2017 there was a Facebook post where viewers could see Milaya welcoming his brother and his team welcoming in her class for the NRL community. 

Besides, we can rarely see family photos from Nathan or Ivan’s social media page. 

Learn About Nathan Cleary Parents

Nathan Cleary parents are Ivan Cleary and Rebecca Cleary.  Ivan is also a former rugby player who is now the head coach of Penrith Panthers in NRL. He coached his son Nathan into becoming one of the finest players.

His father used to play as fullback and centre in 1990-2000. When Nathan was in Auckland, he played football most of his childhood but later changed into rugby in his teenage year. 

Since then, his father has been the one who has nurtured and supported his career. He is not just a father but also his mentor. Nathan and Ivan rarely talk about their other family members in the media. Thus, we can hardly see any details about them.