Caycee Black Of Project Runway: Who Is She? Everything You Need to Know About

Caycee Black Of Project Runway: Who Is She? Everything You Need to Know About

Caycee Black is one of the contestants in Project Runaway. Here is everything to know about the eccentric designer. 

Caycee Black will be one of 15 contestants to be seen in Season 19 of Project Runaway. She mixes art in her designs, making fresh new-age designs. 

The esteemed designer competition reality television show is set to be back on our screen on October 15. The show winner will receive a golden opportunity to show their design in next year’s New York Fashion Week and receive a hefty sum of USD 250,000. 

Caycee Black Project Runway Age and Wikipedia Explored 

Caycee Black is 40 years old. Her actual birthdate hasn’t been known as of yet. She was born to Dr. Ken Black. 

Likewise, Casey’s Wikipedia hasn’t been listed as of yet. However, we are sure with her fresh design and street style, she will soon have a listing on the Wikipedia page. 

The designer, originally from Houston, has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parson School of Designs. She grew up paint and denim around her, making a path of success since she was young. 

Caycee has worked for multiple International brands like Anna Sui, Club Monaco, and Tibi. Her playful and fun clothing style has been noticed and worn by famous personalities. Drew Berrymore, Michelle Williams, Lilly Singh, Regina Spektor, and Solange Knowles are few names to wear her designs. 

She is already a known name among Hollywood celebs. Caycee is sure to make a bigger imprint in the fashion industry. 

Starting her career in 2002 as a design assistant for Anna Sui, she has spent much of her career working for high-end designers. Caycee finally came out with her label in 2012 with a clothing company named Caycee Black Inc. Her boutique is located in New York City. 

Working in various positions for designers like Coach and Tina Stephens, her actual net worth hasn’t been known. 

Caycee Black Project Runway Height in Feet 

Caycee Black’s height hasn’t been recorded in sites at the moment. 

However, looking at her posts, she seems to be of average height. She might be 5 foot 6 inches tall. 

As there isn’t much information provided on various sites so we cannot confirm her actual height. 

Meet Caycee Black Project Runway on Instagram 

Caycee Black is present on Instagram as caycee_black. She boasts 11.3k followers on the photo-sharing app. 

She shares her portrait and beautiful design with her followers. Recently she posted that she is among the top 15 contestants who will be competing for a hefty sum and an opportunity to be part of New York Fashion Week.