Who Is Maurizio Gucci Mistress Paola Franchi? Where Is She Today?

Who Is Maurizio Gucci Mistress Paola Franchi?  Where Is She Today?

Rumored mistress Paola Franchi is the lover or live-in partner of deceased Maurizio Gucci. However, Paola denied the allegation that she dated Gucci for his fortune in 2016.  

Paola Franchi is a famous and successful Italian fashion designer, former model, artist, and author. The multifaceted personality Paola and Maurizio was a couple while they were young. 

Do you know who is business tycoon Maurizio Gucci? He is an iconic legend and businessman from Italy. He was the head of Gucci, a luxury fashion house at one time. Further, he was born to Rodolfo Gucci and Sandra Ravel. Gucci’s dad Rodolfo was a phenomenal actor in the 90s.

As per Paola’s Wikipedia page, she has written an autobiography called L’amore strappato (translated “The broken love”) regarding her relationship with the businessman Gucci who was murdered in 1995. He was 46. The

Reportedly, Maurizio’s wife Patrizia Reggiani hired a hitman to kill her husband in 1995. The mastermind behind the murder was none other than his wife, Reggiani. 

Everything you want to learn about her love life and married life is explained below.

Who Is Maurizio Gucci Mistress Paola Franchi? Her Husband And Children Details

Maurizio is a renowned Italian fashion designer and a former model. She is known for her remarkably fashionable designs. Also, she was a childhood friend of the successful entrepreneur, Maurizio. 

The duo was together and was described as a couple while they were a teenager. 

As per the Guardian, Maurizio lived with Franchi in his apartment for five years before his death. She received an eviction order from Reggiani after a few hours of Gucci’s death. She moved out with her son Charly and Reggiani moved in with her two daughters. 

Did you know? Paola married copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo in 1983. After two years, they welcomed their first child, a son Charly in 1985.

Paola Franchi Age And Wikipedia Revealed

Born on November 17, 1953, Paola turned 68 years of age in 2021. She was born in Milan, Italy, to her proud parents. 

Nevertheless, Paola has a legit Wikipedia page. We can get to know her a bit through this article.

The heir of the Gucci fortune, Maurizio, and his story is documented in the House Of Gucci. The show was released in the UK cinemas on November 26, 2021, according to Cosmopolitan. 

If you want to know, what happened to Gucci’s wife? Is she still in jail? All details are briefly explained. 

How Much Is Paola Franchi Net Worth In 2021? 

Paola’s net worth is not announced publicly yet. As per our research, her yearly income is not less than a million. 

Where is Paola Franchi now? Paola is busy these days. Reports confirmed that Franchi is involved in a charity for troubled teens called L’amico Charly.