Maria Thattil Height & Nationality: Miss Universe Australia Wikipedia Parents & Instagram

Maria Thattil Height & Nationality: Miss Universe Australia Wikipedia Parents & Instagram

Discover Maria Thattil’s height; how tall is the Mis Universe Australia 2020. 

“I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of here;” is back with its new season and all the fun. The reality TV series has released its participants for the year 2022.

The series is about a celebrity who lived together in a forest environment for weeks. Even this, time the show is no different from the previous season, but with a new face and more entertainment.

With the hype of the reality show, Maria is one of the cast members of the most awaited series of 2022. Let’s be more familiar with her here.

Maria Thattil Height & Nationality Explored

Maria is a model known for her  Indian- Australian origin with Australian nationality. 

She got crowned as Miss Universe Australia in 2020 and was known as the shortest Miss Universe contestant. In her modeling career, Maria has always faced issues regarding her tallness. 

However, she didn’t give up and became a successful model by winning a beauty pageant. Thattil mentioned getting used to being the shortest one. 

Miss Universe Australia 2020 also talked about getting bullied during her teenage for her height. Currently, she is 1.6m, i.e., about 5ft and three inches. 

Is Maria Thattil Miss Universe Australia On Wikipedia? – Meet With Her Parents 

Sadly, Maria doesn’t have her personal Wikipedia page. However, she got featured on Wikipedia of the Miss Universe Australia 2020. 

Thattil is the daughter of her migrant parents, who are from India. She is a proud child of her mother and father with Indian roots.

As mentioned by Maria, her father was from Kerala, while her mother was from Kolkata. She still has her relatives in India, while her family migrated to Australia.

She completed her education in psychology and management and has experience in the Victorian government. Currently, she is on the news as a 2022 contestant for the “I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of here.”

Find Maria Thattil On Instagram

As a notable model, Maria is a fashion influencer on the social media platform. She is available on Instagram with the user handle @mariathattil

As a verified user and a public figure, Thattil has 206k followers. She is very active on her account and has 1,941 posts at present. 

Most of her Instagram posts are of her modeling and her professional life. However, she has recently posted her updates about reality TV series.