Who Is Major Ian Fishback? Army Whistleblower Dead – Here Is The Obituary

Who Is Major Ian Fishback? Army Whistleblower Dead – Here Is The Obituary

Major Ian Fishback is the former US Army Whistleblower. Ascertain more about him and his obituary. 

Ian came to the public’s attention after sending a letter to John McCain, Senator. Everyone who knew him has always remembered him as a kind, good-hearted person.

Even as a public figure, Fishback has got a good image and reputation for him. People have respected him for his bravery and his works. 

Losing such a great person has sure been a great loss for the people. At present, the public has been praying for his soul to rest in peace. 

Who Is Major Ian Fishback? 

Major Ian Fishback is one of the former Army Officer of the United States. He has made history and earned himself name after writing to Senator John McCain. 

In the letter, he mentioned the abuse faced by the prisoner and expressed his concerns. It was his letter that created the legislation of anti-torture. 

He did his degree from the United States Military Academy in Bachelor of Science. Moreover, he also has his master’s degree from the University of Michigan in Political Science and Philosophy. 

Serving his life in the military, he was a savior and an inspirational model for most people. As the US Army, he has served his three years tour in Iraq and one year tour in Afghanistan. 

Ian Fishback – Army Whistleblower Dead – Here Is The Obituary

An Army whistleblower, Ian was announced death by his family members. However, the cause of his death has not got public yet. 

Ian lost his life in an adult foster care facility in Bangor, Michigan, on 19 November 2021. He was at the age of 42 when he departed. 

As per Times-Tribune, Ian faced post-traumatic stress disorder or neurological damage. The condition has resulted in him being delusional and creating a disturbance in public.  

The whole circumstances had also been one of the reasons for him to stay in an adult foster care facility for the treatment. He started having mental health disorders after the combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Ian Fishback On Wikipedia

Ian is available on the Wikipedia page. As one of the Military personnel, he has earned his name in public.  

Throughout his life, he has had great career achievements; not only was he a renowned former army, but was also an instructor in the West Point. 

Fishback also has done a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Philosophy. All his close ones, his colleagues, and his admirers are heartbroken from his sudden death.