Liberal Party: Tim James Willoughby Wikipedia and Biography, Family Details As He Contests Gladys Berejiklian

Liberal Party: Tim James Willoughby Wikipedia and Biography, Family Details As He Contests Gladys Berejiklian

Tim James became the new Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Willoughby to replace the former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian- is he available on Wikipedia?

According to the Canberra Times, Tim James won the liberal preselection to become the new candidate for the seat of Willoughby. He is set to replace the former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.

To secure the victory, the right-wing candidate Tim defeated Gail Giles-Gidney, who was baked by Gladys. Gail’s defeat was unexpected as she was considered a favorite to win the pre-selection.

James beat the former Willoughby mayor Giles-Gidney by the vote of 58 to 52 on Thursday. Three candidates were on the race; however, the third candidate, former journalist Kelly Sloan was ousted with 31 votes to James 37 and Gidney 41 in the first round of the ballot.

Liberal Party Candidate Tim James For The Willoughby Seat Is Not Available On Wikipedia

The newest declared Liberal Pary candidate Tim James who is running for the Willoughby seat is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. After winning the pre-selection, people are curious to know more about him, so don’t be surprised if he gets on an official Wiki anytime soon.

Tim has a strong background in law, public policy, and business; currently, he is the Executive General Manager at the Menzies Research Centre, Australia’s Liberal Party Think Tank.

Previously, he also served as the chief of staff for the New South Wales Minister of Planning, Anthony Roberts.

For the Liberal candidacy for the Willoughby seat, James was heavily backed by the right-wing, whereas Ms. Giles-Gidney was supported by Gladys Berejiklian and other moderates fraction.

The right-wing backed candidate is considered one of the controversial figures of the Liberal Patry, who once took the court action trying to overrun the 2018 preselection result, as per The Sunday Morning Herald.

Liberal Party’s Willoughby Candidate Tim James Biography Explored

The Liberal Party’s Willoughby seat candidate, Tim James’ biography is available on his official website.

However, most of his information is related to his professional life, whereas his personal life is left out mostly.

Tim’s birth name is Timothy C. James, born and raised in Australia. He has experience of over two decades in Australian politics and government.

In 1993, at the age of 17, he first joined the Liberal Party, joining its local branch in Willoughby.

Talking about his education, Mr. James holds a degree in Law and Business, including an MBA. With a business background, he has worked with multinational corporations, including KPMG, Allens Arthur Robinson, and Pfizer among others.

Tim James Wife And Children Details Explored

The Australian politician Tim James is married to his wife, Nikki. The couple is blessed with two daughters, Chloe and Madeleine.

Besides their name, Tim has not revealed much information about them.

Neither James’s family pictures are available on the internet.