Lafayette LA: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet Husband Kenneth Odinet? Family Details and Racial Slurs Update

Lafayette LA: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet Husband Kenneth Odinet? Family Details and Racial Slurs Update

After a racist slur video from their home went viral, Judge Michelle Odinet and her husband Kenneth Odinet Jr are in hot trouble. Continue to know more.

Michelle Odinet is an American judge of Lafayette City Court. She is likely to be removed after a racist slur video from her home went viral.

The judge has confirmed the footage was filmed in her home this weekend. However, she states about having zero recollection of the racist slurs.

Lafayette LA Judge Michelle Odinet Responds To Racist Slur Video

Judge Michelle Odinet has responded after a video of racist slurs has dropped from her home.

Multiple people were seen using racist slurs at her home over the weekend.

In the captured video, both male and female voices were heard, repeatedly saying racist slurs, The N-word. 

Earlier on Saturday, Dec 11, Odinet’s Bendel Gardens home was robbed. A 59-year-old colored male was arrested in connection with the case.

The racist incident took place while watching security footage related to the same burglary. Only voices were heard, no people

Odinet has asked for forgiveness and prayers as a response to the video. She also claims about not remembering the racist slang captured. 

Moreover, It’s not yet clear who had recorded the video or how it ended up on social media.

Michelle Odinet Is Married To Kenneth Odinet: Her Husband Details

Judge Michelle Odinet is married to Lafayette Parish Coroner Kenneth Odinet Jr. Also, he is a Doctor by profession, an MD in Otolaryngology.

According to Healthgrades, he has been affiliated with Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. He had attended the Louisiana State University.

Michelle’s husband is also a certified surgeon, he has been providing plastic surgery at Lenox Hospital in New York City.

On the other hand, Prosecutor Michelle was elected as the city judge last year. She graduated from the Tulane University School of Law.

Odinet has worked for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office. She deals with juvenile delinquencies and adult matters to first-degree murder.

Meet Michelle Odinet Family Members

Michelle Odinet’s family was the victim of armed burglary. They were reportedly sleeping during the incident.

She said there was no indication that the thieves had deadly weapons. Also, mentioned having Zero Recollection about the racist incident.

The Odinet family includes two young sons and two daughters. They currently reside in Louisiana.

At present, the  Lafayette City judge is active with handmade @michelleodinet on Instagram. However, the profile has been kept on private terms.