TikTok: Kyte Baby Drama Explained – Mccall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets

TikTok: Kyte Baby Drama Explained – Mccall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets

Kyte Baby drama might bring negative consequences to the business. Learn what Mccall Deason said that has made customers furious.

Kyte Baby is recognized for its softest sleep bags and layette. Moreover, they are known for sleepwear mostly for babies.

They are available on all the social media platforms today. Interestingly, their Instagram has over 555 thousand followers while their TikTok account has accumulated at least 46 thousand fans.

TikTok: Everything About Kyte Baby Drama

Kyte Baby has received backlash on social media after the recent TikTok drama. Hopefully, the matter will get closed very soon.


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In their recent TikTok video, the owner of Kyte Baby herself apologized for the recent behavior of one of their employees. She revealed that the TikTok star didn’t reflect the value of their company. 

Well, she has sincerely asked for an apology on behalf of her colleague. Reportedly, Kyte Baby always believes in equity in diversity and will not tolerate racism in their company.

Furthermore, the owner claims that she has always stood against such acts. So, we expect some strict actions against the one who was involved in the recent controversy.

Moreover, Kyte Baby is extremely sorry for everybody who was hurt by the recent comments. It’s great that they have come forward and accepted their mistake on social media.

Now on, she has promised that Kyte Baby will be responsible for choosing the right word before publishing their content. Moreover, she has apologized for all the other mistakes her company has committed.

Mccall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Explained

Mccall Deason Hazel’s recent tweets are considered racist. However, she has accepted her feud and asked for an apology.

Moreover, she has admitted her mistake of not taking good care of her child. She has promised to use the right products from now on.

Well, Mccall is a TikTok star with approximately 1.4 million followers. Reportedly, her videos have amassed 38.5 million likes on the platform.

After reading a few of the comments, we come to know that Mccall’s racist comments were in the past. Now, she has understood a whole lot and wants to move on keeping all the negative sides behind her.

Hopefully, everything goes well between Mccall and Kate Baby. Celebsaga can confirm that she is no longer working for the clothing brand.


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Get To Know Mccall Deason Child Name

The name of Mccall Deason’s child is Charlie Ann. She was born in August 2021.

According to Famous Birthdays, she is married to Jermaine Hood. Furthermore, the couples have another daughter.