Who Is Kuku Machhal? Immigrant Arrested Over Sexual Assault, Age and Charges

Who Is Kuku Machhal? Immigrant Arrested Over Sexual Assault, Age and Charges

Kuku Machhal has been imprisoned for 18 months after sexually assaulting two women on a crowded beach while his friends laughed.

Kuku Machhal, 31, arrived in the UK illegally in 2015 from the Indian state of Punjab and now risks deportation.

He was apprehended for the heinous assaults and admitted to abusing the victim.

Who Is Kuku Machhal? Every Thing On Immigrant Arrested Over Sexual Assault

Kuku Machhal is 31-years-old, who sexually attacked two women while his companions watched and laughed on a busy Bournemouth beach.

His actions came just days after an unrelated crime in which a 15-year-old girl was raped in the sea near Bournemouth Pier.

The attacks happened in front of Machhal’s friends on Bournemouth beach, who were heard celebrating and joking about what had transpired.

The judge described Machhal’s actions as frightening and demeaning, adding that both victims were vulnerable since they were in the water.

In 2015, he entered the UK illegally from the Indian state of Punjab.

Kuku Machhal Charges -Where Is He Now?

Kuku Machhal was sentenced to 18 months in prison and was placed on a five-year sex perpetrator’s list.

Kuku admitted to touching the first victim but claimed he was brushed against her by a strong force.

Machhal, who had no prior convictions, likewise denied any wrongdoing in the second woman’s case.

He first denied both charges, but he altered his plea to guilty at a recent court session.

The defendant’s lawyer informed the court that he was sorry for his acts, but the judge did not believe him.

And now he is in prison, paying the price for his wrongdoing.

Find Kuku Machhal Nationality 

Kuku Machhal has Asian ethnic heritage and is of Indian nationality.

His parents and that of his siblings, brother, and sister identity have yet to be revealed. His early years are kept a secret.

Kuku is a married man with two children who lives in India and is supported by his sister, who is on the verge of being deported. For the past six years, he has resided in Southall.

His lawyer claimed that he owed money to those who assisted him in obtaining documents to enter the country and that he was afraid for his safety if he returned to India. She added, he is currently facing deportation.

He’s been served with a notice, and he’s seeking to obtain legal assistance about his immigration situation.’

Machhal’s actions were shameful, according to the judge, and he showed no remorse.