Who Was Kristen Mcdevitt From Atlanta? Daniel Aaron Murder and Stabbing Case

Who Was Kristen Mcdevitt From Atlanta? Daniel Aaron Murder and Stabbing Case

Kristen Mcdevitt and her husband Daniel Aaron were stabbed to death in Atlanta. Below are the most recent developments in the double stabbing case.

Kristen Mcdevitt was stabbed and killed at their Atlanta apartment on Nov 22, 2021. The violent event has left neighbors in the Camden Village apartments terrified. 

Kristen Mcdevitt From Atlanta Was Stabbed: Who Is She?

Kristen Mcdevitt from Atlanta is a 30-year-old woman. She was stabbed at her apartment on Monday night.

The lady and her companion were discovered with wounds and blood. They were killed brutally by an unknown person.

Christian Jennings, a friend of the Mcdevitt has identified the victims as a loving couple.

According to the Investigation team, a man was allowed inside the couple’s home. He had stayed there for a substantial amount of time before killing them.

Mcdevitt has been identified as a member of Turn Cycling Studio in Sandy Springs. She was a regular client at the studio according to the owners.

She has been described as a woman with colorful hair and a vibrant personality. Other friends have described her as a fun-loving girl.

Mcdevitt is seen active on Instagram with handmade @kmcdev. However, her account with 963 followers has remained on private terms.

Reports suggest that she is a freelance artist and textile designer. If her LinkedIn details are true, she had attended the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Meanwhile, we are unable to identify her husband Daniel Aaron on the social media platform. He has been reported as a 31-year-old white male.

Police Investigating Kristen Mcdevitt & Daniel Aaron Murder Case

Kristen Mcdevitt and Daniel Aaron’s murder case is being dealt with by the Atlanta police.

They had responded to Camden Vantage apartments on Jackson Street around 9:25 p.m.

The investigator is still gathering information and working on the stabbing case. New updates will be provided very soon.

Do They Have A Suspect In Kristen Mcdevitt and Daniel Aaron Case?

The murder suspect of Kristen Mcdevitt and her partner Daniel Aaron is yet to be identified.

Atlanta’s Homicide investigators are still working on what led up to the deadly killing. Till now the team has revealed that a man was allowed into the apartment.

Moreover, the Atlanta police reports suggest that the stabbing case came a few hours after a fatal shooting in Buckhead.

However, the double stabbing murder case has no connection with the fatal shooting case.