Who Was KPJ Dad Kevin Porter Sr? Shot To Death- Glenn Consor Apology Over Insensitive Remark

Who Was KPJ Dad Kevin Porter Sr? Shot To Death- Glenn Consor Apology Over Insensitive Remark

Basketball player Kevin Porter Jr’s dad Kevin Porter Sr was shot to death when he was very young. Wizards broadcaster mentioned a shooting that involved his father humorously in his commentary. 

KPJ or Kevin Porter is a basketball player, who plays for Houston Rockets at National Basketball Association. He showed a game-changing performance at the NBA leading to victory over Washington Wizards. 

The game was also special because it was Porter’s comeback after his suspension post a heated argument. But a controversy hit his name again when his dad’s death was taken as a joke by the Wizards’ commentator. Here is everything to know about his father’s death and the lack of empathy by Glenn Consor.

Who Was KPJ Dad Kevin Porter Sr?

KPJ Dad Kevin Porter or Bryan Kevin Porter was a prisoner in the mid-90s. He was found guilty of the first-degree murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1993. Sentenced to 4 and half years of prison, Porter’s dad came out in the year 1997. 

When the incident happened junior Portor was only 4 years old. Wizards commentator got so much involved in the match that he lost the touch of empathy. His statement “Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time” managed to create a huge noise on the internet. 

Was Kevin Porter Sr Shot To Death?

Yes, Kevin Porter Sr, was shot to death. The incident occurred in a Seattle bar fight in 2004. He was trying to save someone in the chaos while figuring out the issue but was shot five times and killed mercilessly.

Everyone who was an eyewitness to the fight explained that Porter was not involved in the fight was trying to resolve it. KPJ’s mother and senior Porter’s wife Ayanna Porter was given a call and informed about her husband’s death. 

Ayanna rushed to the hospital to save his life but it was already late. He had died due to deep gunshots and wounds. 

Glenn Consor Apology Over Insensitive Remark

Glenn Consor was Wizards’ commentator who passed an insensitive remark concerning Porter’s father. It was basically a mockery over KPJ’s father’s arrest incident that brought a turbine on the internet. 

After a lot of drama on Twitter and questions directed towards Glenn, he has finally apologized for what he said. He said he was not aware of the insensitive comment and apologized to everyone from KPJ’s family to the Rockets organization. He even added that he has personally approached KPJ and asked for forgiveness.