Kim Petras Before Transition Surgery Photos: Transgender Singer To Perform At This Year’s Macy’s Parade

Kim Petras Before Transition Surgery Photos: Transgender Singer To Perform At This Year’s Macy’s Parade

Kim Petras had her transition surgery at an early age. She is known as the world’s youngest transgender to have the procedure. 

Los Angeles-based singer Kim is always in the spotlight among her followers. She has never failed to impress her fans with her charm and talent. 

On top of that, 2021 has been one of the most blissful years for the artist. Many of her released songs got hits, and she got a chance to work with Republic Records. 

On top of that, as a transgender artist, she even performed in the MTV Europe Music Awards of 2021.  Her being the first trans to perform at the EMA, people have their interest in her. 

Good news for her fans, she will also be performing in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the streets of New York City.

Kim Petras Before Transition Surgery Photos Revealed

Before the transition surgery, Kim used to be a boy. She came out of the closet at just 13 years of age. 

Despite having a male body, Petras has always felt like a female. Realizing about her identity; and taking a decision at such a young age, the young artist requested having surgery. 

But, due to the legal procedure of Germany, she was able to start her surgery procedure only in November 2008. Although Kim was born in a male body, she has been a female by heart. 

At present, all her transition procedures have got completed, and she fully turned herself into a wonderful woman.

Some online sites of the internet have revealed pictures of claiming Kim before her surgery. Although, the artist herself has yet to share the pictures before the transition. 

Kim Petras As A Boy, What Did She Look Like? 

At present, Kim has turned herself into a beautiful young woman. She has become a confident, gorgeous, and skillful singer who gained success in her career. 

Growing up in Germany, Kim spends most of her childhood memories in her hometown. As mentioned by her parents, Kim started to feel like a girl when she was just 2. 

There are not many details about her as a boy. Knowing herself as a girl; might be one of the reasons for her having a short story as a boy. 

Looking into the pictures over the web, she looks like a usual young white boy, with beautiful ocean blue eyes and short hair. 

Kim Petras Transgender Story Like It’s Never Been Told Before

Even though Kim knew herself as a female at a young age, she had to go through different stages for the surgery. She has always felt like a girl being born in the wrong body. 

After announcing herself to the public, Petras started appearing in several shows for the gender transition. If following the rules of Germany, then only at the of 18 can people undergo this surgery. 

However, through lots of effort, Kim requested an early transition surgery. With this, she got known as the young transgender to have surgery around the world.