Who Is Khailah Johnson from 4400? Details On Her Age Height Parents and Instagram

Who Is Khailah Johnson from 4400? Details On Her Age Height Parents and Instagram

Khailah Johnson is one of the casts of the series 4400 CW that premiered on October 25, 2021. Learn more about the actress. 

The 4400 CW is the reboot of the 2004 television series The 4400. According to Wikipedia, the story revolves around 4400 people who make a sudden appearance after vanishing without a trace over the last century.

All of them have not aged a single day and possess no idea about what happened to them. 

4400 CW: Who Is Khailah Johnson?

Khailah Johnson is the actress in the new series 4400 CW. She is playing the role of Ladonna in the series. The newest American science fiction mystery drama is developed by Ariana Jackson.

She mentioned that she likes the role of Deloris in the comedy film, Sister Act and Yvonne from Sunday In The Park With George.

Besides being an actress, she is also a singer and a dancer. She sang as Tiana in the Broadway Princess Party and has been a dancer in Disney’s Main Street Electric Parade. 

She finished her schooling at Franklin High school and graduated in 2017. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in Musical Theatre from Pittsburg School of Drama of Carnegie Mellon University.

Unfortunately, she does not have a Wikipedia profile, and her information is rarely available on the internet. 

Explore Khailah Johnson Age and Height

Khailah Johnson’s age and height remain a mystery to her fans. However, some sources estimated that she must be in her early 20s. Similarly, her height is between 5ft-5 ft. 5 inches. 

She was born and raised in New Jersey by her parents, Phil and Normarie Mclean. In addition, her mother is the founder of a performing arts school where Kahilah previously used to teach. 

She comes from a family of musicians which explains her interest in the field as well. Besides, she is yet to provide full details about her family members or any other siblings. 

Who Are Khailah Johnson Parents? Meet Her On Instagram

Khailah Johnson’s parents are Phil and Normarie Mclean. Her mother is the founder of a performing arts school. However, there is no information about her father’s profession. 

She is a prominent actress who is slowly rising to fame. Thus, she has decent 2467 followers on Instagram. She has posted some pictures from the set of 4400 CW. She expressed her joy on the day of the premiere and thanked everyone for their love and support. 

Furthermore, she rarely makes posts about her family on her social media handle.