What Is Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2021? Here Is A Short Biography On The Youtube Analyst

What Is Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2021? Here Is A Short Biography On The Youtube Analyst

As a social media influencer, Kevin Samuels has grown his net-worth with his success in his career. We have an estimated amount.

Kevin Samuels is YouTuber American YouTuber who has more than 1.26 million subscribers. With his success in his career, he has grown his net worth with time. The motivational speaker also helps other people and companies on track. 

At the age of 56, he has established himself as one of the famous YouTube personalities. The stylish social media influencer has a girlfriend in Georgia Atlanta. Samuels started his career in 2016 and has already established himself as a YouTube megastar. 

Kevin Samuels Networth 2021

The estimated net worth of Kevin Samuels is $2-3 million dollars as of 2021. Samuels owns some of the luxurious cars like Bently and Rolls Royce.

He has a showroom in a large property in Los Angeles. 

The YouTuber used to earn from his cooperate job. He started his career at Office Depot as a business manager. He drew a lot of clients for the company during his 3 and a half years of work time. 

With his growing popularity, he now makes money from YouTube, brand endorsement, and social media. In 2009, he joined Supermedia, where he worked as an internet sales agent and in Advertisement. 

He left the job in 2011 and joined another advertising and marketing firm, The Red Yellow page, in 2013. After three years, he left his cooperated and started his career on YouTube. 

Samuels has accumulated more than 1.25 subscribers on his channel. He gives his opinion on different things like dressing sense, fragrance, brands, social issues, and events on his channel. 

Moreover, his fans also admired the 56-years old YouTuber for his stylish looks. The YouTuber also works in personal development and grooming. He helps companies and brands find their self-worth and iconic styles. 

Age Of Kevin Samuels; His YouTube Channel 

Kevin Samuels was born on 13 March 1965, which makes him 56-years old in 2021. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently resides. Kevin started his YouTube channel back in 2016, growing to more than 1 million subscribers as of now. 

He is an Image Consultant, Lifestyle Coach, Influencer, and Dating Expert. Samuels completed his graduation in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. 

Kevin has more than 22 billion views on his YouTube. He has 1 million followers on his verified Instagram account. Famous rappers like Royce Da and Joyner Lucas are on his social media. 

Moreover, four times NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal gave him a shoutout. This was one of the biggest moments in Kevin Samuels’s career. 

Kevin Samuels Girlfriend Brittany Renner 

According to the online reports, Kevin Samuels is allegedly dating IG model Brittany Renner. The dating coach was spotted going out together. However, neither of them have accepted or denied the rumors. 

The IG model Renner has been in controversy ever since she started a relationship with 23-years old athlete PJ Washington. The former couple, who notoriously have seven years of age difference, has a son together. 

Renner was accused of grooming the athlete while he was still in high school. Recently, she unexpectedly made her appearance on Kevin’s video. This brought the model once again on headlines for dating rumors. 

On the other hand, Kevin has been married twice in the past, which ended in divorce.