Kausar Mohammed Age and Wikipedia – Details on Her Height Parents and Ethnicity

Kausar Mohammed Age and Wikipedia – Details on Her Height Parents and Ethnicity

Kausar Mohammed’s age is 29-years-old as of 2021. She is an American actress and has been featured in various projects. Here are a few things to know about the actress. 

Kausar Mohammed, best known for her role in the 2020 Jurassic World movie, is a bubbly and fun-loving actress. Her recent project has been noted as one of the brilliant shows by critics. 

The reboot of an older series, The 4400, has received raving reviews from viewers as well. Described as a series about believing black people’s truths. It is an ambitious show that shares a complicated story about humanity being governed by consequences and actions. 

Kausar Mohammed Age and Wikipedia Explored 

Kausar Mohammed’s age has been known to be 29 years old. Her birthday falls on 11 February 1992. The actress is based in San Jose, California. 

Though she has been part of various projects, her Wikipedia page hasn’t been listed yet. She has even bagged a crucial part in Jurassic World, an animated series of Dreamwork; her Wikipedia page hasn’t been listed yet.

However, we are sure that as her works become more known to the public, her Wikipedia page will be listed soon. 

Kausar has been known to work on various roles and stories. She is among the headline makers. The actress is one of the leading cast in the first Muslim queer short movie titled The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night. 

The film is a step towards the inclusivity of Muslim people in the LGBTQ2S+ community. As a part of the inclusive community themselves, people see different people and stories of people belonging to multiple communal backgrounds. 

 She certainly is a change maker. 

Kausar Mohammed Height in Foot

Kausar Mohammed’s height hasn’t been known as of yet. However, analyzing from the picture of her found online. She seems to be of average height. 

We can assume she is about 5-foot-6 inches tall. 

She stands tall on the grounds of talent and being part of different stories of real people. 

Kausar Mohammed Parents Revealed – What is Her Ethnicity?

Kausar Mohammed’s Parents’ names haven’t been known as of yet. The 4400 series actress seems to like her personal life, private and out of the public eye. 

She shares her work and upcoming project among her fans through her personal Instagram. Kausar even shared a picture of her adorable pup captioning ‘this is my boy’ on social media.