What Is Junior Siavii Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? Former NFL Lineman Passed Away in Jail

What Is Junior Siavii Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? Former NFL Lineman Passed Away in Jail

What is Junior Siavii’s net worth at the time of his death? Former defensive lineman Saousoalii was found dead in prison at age 43. 

Saousoalii Poe Siavii, Jr., also popularly known as Junior Siavii, was the former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman. He last played for the Seattle Hawks in 2010. 

Talking about his career stats in Seattle Hawks, Junior Siavii played in 14 games (6 starts) while setting a career-high in tackles 30 before being placed on the reserved list with a bruised spinal cord injury on December 23. 

The NFL athlete Siavii was named in the PAC 10 conference in 2003. 

The world is mourning the death of Saousoalii on Thursday, January 14, 2022. He was awaiting the trial as he was under police custody in August 2019 and charged with drug trafficking and firearm possession, reports confirmed. The death cause is yet unknown. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Junior Siavii In 2022? Salary Earning Revealed

Junior Siavii was a top-ranked NFL player. His net worth is in multimillions, for sure. 

Based on some online sources, Siavii’s yearly earning is estimated at around $13 to $15 million in 2020. No doubt, his income has been increased. We’ll let you know more about his career earnings later. Every year, the NFL player income varies. 

Junior Siavii AKA Saousoalii Poe Siavii, Jr Was 43 At The Time Of His Death

Junior Siavii was 43 when he left the world in January 2022. It was devastating news for the fans. The sudden death news of the defensive player stunned everyone, including his family. 

Investigators are searching for the reason that led him to death. 

The reports confirmed that Siavii was transferred to Leavenworth prison on December 17 since he was awaiting the trial dates. In the statement, Siavii was discovered unresponsive in the cell on Thursday cops immediately took him to the near hospital. 

People are wondering how did the player Jr Siavii die? His fans are waiting for the answers.  

Junior Siavii Wife And Family Background Uncovered

Junior Siavii is perhaps single. His wife’s or girlfriend’s details are mussing at this time. In a nutshell, Siavii was a private person.

He barely reveals the secret of his love life in the media. 

Describing his family details, the devastated father and mother of Siavii are having a tough time now as they have lost their son. 

Their identity is still confidential.  

Born in 1978, Siavii has a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches tall with gigantic body weight.