Why is Julie Unruh Leaving WGN? Going Elsewhere or Retiring – How Old Is She?

Why is Julie Unruh Leaving WGN? Going Elsewhere or Retiring – How Old Is She?

The Chicago native Julie Unruh says Goodbye to WGN after 20 years of her working span. But why is she leaving the WGN network? Let us take a look at this article. 

Julie Unruh is a popular anchor and reporter who worked in several stations like CBS News, KTKA, including WGN. Also, Julie spent two years as an anchor and reporter on Chicagoland TV (CLTV). She joined the WGN station in September 2001. Within the 20 years career in WGN, Julie was a general assignment reporter in WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine and Ten before landing the position as Midday News anchor in 2020. 

The exceptionally talented TV presenter Julie is an award-winning general assignment and news reporter. Regardless, she was ranked as one of the most committed news broadcasters. No one could win and compete with her in the position.  

Why is Julie Unruh Leaving WGN Or Going Elsewhere? 

Julie is signing off from her duty at the Nexstar Media station after 20 years of service. The reason behind this hasn’t been released on the web yet.

The mid-day news anchor Julie is thankful for the team, who has been sincere and supportive throughout her service on her channel.

On the contrary, Julie hasn’t disclosed any appropriate reason for quitting the job. Why is she leaving the WGN TV? People are anxious to know the answers. Is she planning to work in other TV networks? What do you think?

Is Julie Unruh Retiring From A Job? 

Yes, Julie is perhaps retiring from the job. She left the WGN TV channel after serving for more than two decades. 

Talking about her married life, Julie keeps her married life secret. The good-looking journalist is married for sure. However, her husband and children’s details are out of vision now.

Some sources claimed that Julie is retiring from her job to spend quality time with her family. She has three children with her long-term partner. 

Discussing her yearly earnings, Julie is an outstanding news reporter. As per our knowledge, her net worth has six figures. The actual amount is unknown due to her reticent nature.

Julie Unruh Age: How Old Is She?

Born in 1969, Julie is about 52 years of age in 2021. 

Details about her parents are under the wraps now. She was born to American parents in the US. 

Not much is disclosed regarding Julie’s father and mother, as she maintains a low-key profile.

As per Robertfeder, Julie’s last day at WGN station on November 24, 2021. Fans and the WGN team wished her the best endeavors in her upcoming days.