Watch: Jerry Dwight Brown Pasco Shooting Video On Twitter

Watch: Jerry Dwight Brown Pasco Shooting Video On Twitter

Jerry Dwight Brown’s shooting video has surfaced on Twitter with new details. Here is everything to know about what happened during the shooting. 

In 2014, an unarmed black man was shot by the deputies in Pasco, Washington. The shooting was later ruled justified as the man ignored repeated orders of lifting hands and surrender. 

However, new details reveal that the deputies might have forced themselves on him before all the action. And now, the deputies have changed their story that they were in a drug bust and shot him in the process. 

Twitter and Reddit users have gone absolutely crazy over the details. 

Jerry Dwight Brown Pasco Shooting Video on Twitter 

Jerry Dwight Brown’s shooting video has resurfaced on Twitter and with more vivid details. 

In 2014, Brown was shot and killed by two Pasco sheriffs. He was unarmed at the time. The case got nationwide attention, however, the deputies stood with their word saying that Brown refused to lift his hands up and surrender. 

But there are more details in the newly released video that shows the deputies assaulting the victim. Fans on social media have started reacting to the video and everyone is making noise. 

Who Were The Deputies In Pasco Shooting?

The identified deputies in the Pasco shooting are Clinton Cabbage and Daniel Green. 

According to the lately released footage, Clinton fires a shot that hits Brown through the windshield. Also, Green shouts at him to raise his hands up and laters shots him in the back. 

Unfortunately, no one has been arrested yet. 

The current whereabouts of these deputies remain under review for the time being. We will update more as soon as the information is made available. 

Jerry Dwight Brown Wife And Family

Jerry Dwight Brown left behind his wife as he passed away at the age of 41. 

Later, his wife made a settlement with the Sheriff’s office that was approximately worth around $220,000. But at the time, the sheriff’s office didn’t release the full video footage of the incident. 

But latest reveals prove that the deputies were lying all this time. They are already making a new story of a potential drug bust. 

Users on Twitter and Reddit have been behind the video and boosting it for everyone to see. Hopefully, justice will be served.