Hype House: Who Is Jenny Popach Tiktok? Age and Birthday – What Did She Do?

Hype House: Who Is Jenny Popach Tiktok? Age and Birthday – What Did She Do?

Jenny Popach is a TikTok sensation who rose to fame after her video breaching the Old Hype House was uploaded to the platform.

Along with the debut of the new season of Hype House on television, Jenny Popach who rose to fame after making a TikTok inside old Hype House is also trending on the internet. 

However, she is not trending for her Hype House currently, she is all over TikTok after she was banned from the platform. 

Many users have uploaded a video explaining the reason why her account was taken down. 

Who Is Jenny Popach From Hype House Video On TikTok?

Jenny Popach is a TikTok celebrity who went viral after allegedly filming a video inside the old Hype house. Jenny also goes by the name Roselie Arritola as well as Depophatesyou and That Girl Maria on social media.

Her account is taken down by TikTok currently. Her content has raised the problem for everyone, including the one watching it. 

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She rose to prominence following the controversy with the old Hype house break out. They made TikTok videos, explored the mansion, and tried on Chase Hudson’s clothes.

Evidently, the Hype House members were not pleased, and neither were the fans. Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg, and others quickly confronted the girls and their mother for trespassing and going through their belongings. 

Avani Gregg even threatened the group by taking legal action. However, the mom has uploaded several videos denying all the accusations. 

When someone commented on Maria Ulacia’s TikTok that it was wrong for Maria to enter Hype House while people’s belongings were still there. 

Maria responded that the members don’t live there, which is somewhat true. Jenny and her mother allegedly broke into the mansion, when the members of Hype House have moved out.

Still, the Hype House claims that it is still their property as they are still paying rent on the house. Moreover, they left a lot of their belongings there, which they claim Maria and the group of girls stole.

However, they were never arrested and charged with anythings, despite the case raised to be controversial for both the family and Hype House.

Jenny Popach Is Currently 15 Years Old- When Is Her Birthday?

Jenny Popach is apparently 15 years old, being born in 2006, she celebrates her birthday every year on November 15.

She still falls under the minor group. She had millions of followers on Tiktok, however, she is banned from the platform at the moment.

@annahein6787 JENNY POPACH! #theorywithanna #drama #tea #expose #exposing #jennypopach #jenny #influencer #influencers #spillthetea ♬ original sound – Anna Hein

She has already tasted the taste of fame at such a young age.

What Did Jenny Popach Do?- Why TikTok Had Her Account Taken Down?

Jenny Popach who has over 5million followers on TikTok is banned by the authorities. It is believed that her content was inappropriate for the platform as well as a violation of minor safety.

People were concerned about her as she is just 15 years old. The problem arose when a minor uploaded inappropriate videos while dressed inappropriately.

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One of her recent videos which has grasped a lot of attention of TikTok users is the one where she is wrapped in wrapping paper, and her brother opens up the wrap only to reveal Jenny in a two-piece bikini.

There is also some rumor that suggests that her mother is forcing and threatening her to make such videos.

Furthermore, she was also involved in controversies when Jenny Poopach together with her mom, Maria Ulacia, and one of her friends broke into the Old Hype House on June 12, 2020.