Was Jenna Bush Hager Arrested? Husband Henry Chase Hager and Teacher on Today Show

Was Jenna Bush Hager Arrested? Husband Henry Chase Hager and Teacher on Today Show

Did Jenna Bush Hager get arrested once again? The journalist has become the most controversial figure. 

An American TV personality, Jenna once more has made the headlines. Lately, she has been the talking point on the internet as well. 

Well, this is all happening with the countdown of her birthday. She is turning 40, and her followers have been cheering her by giving her birthday wishes. 

With all the attention she has been gaining, she has also attracted controversies towards herself. And with the latest scandals of her arrest, people are interested in Jenna’s life. 

Was Jenna Bush Hager Arrested? 

An American journalist, author, and news personality, Jenna, is also the child of former president George W. Bush. She has been a very well-known figure in public. 

However, Hager did have a past history with arrests and charges. So, what would have happened for her to get charged?

Jenna was a teenager at the time of her arrest. She got charged with consuming alcohol as a minor and using a Fake ID for buying it. 

Regardless of what, she did cause trouble by fooling around for her dad as he had just become the president. Nevertheless, it was just a thing that she had done in the past.   

At present, Jenna has been living very well. Also, there has been no news of her arrest; moreover, she has a birthday coming up soon. 

Jenna Bush – Meet Her Husband, Henry Chase Hager 

Jenna is married to Henry, her loving husband. Their relationship started after they met with each other in the presidential campaign.

Jenna and Henry were engaged before they had their grand wedding. Her partner Hager romantically asked for marriage permission with Jenna’s father. 

Henry has worked as an aide in the White House as well as the U.S. Department of Committee. The couple has been such a sweet pair, and their relationship has been unbreakable ever since they tied their knot.  

Right now, they even have gorgeous three children. 

Jenna Bush Inspirational Teacher On Today Show

Jenna has had a career in teaching. She worked for more than a year as a teacher. 

At present, one of her students reached out mentioning, Jenna as a role model for her. The whole situation and catching up with her former student is one of the emotional moments for her. 

All those 15 years and her former student still thought of her as an inspiration. Following Jenna, the student has become a teacher just like her. 

Nonetheless, Bush’s 40th birthday has become one of the best memorable things for her.